Monday, November 16, 2009


Thanks to Moonbattery, I ran across this link to Muslims Against Sharia. A couple points from their Manifesto:

Islam is one of the many of the world's religions. There will be no Peace and Harmony in the World if Muslims and non-Muslims do not have equal rights. Islamic supremacy doctrine is just as repulsive as Aryan supremacy doctrine. History clearly shows what happens to the society whose members consider themselves above other peoples. All moderate Muslims must repudiate the mere notion of Islamic supremacy.

Sharia Law must be abolished, because it is incompatible with norms of modern society.

Awesome. Groups like this should be supported and publicized. I wonder at times as to the extent of this kind of thinking in the Muslim world and have open questions, but I need to remember that that there are many Muslims of the same mind who don't speak out because they feel alone and intimidated (yeah, I know, that's a stretch, isn't it?).

I, and others I have heard, are always thinking "where are the voices of the true, moderate Muslims?"

It's easy for us to sit here and tell them to be brave and speak up, but then we don't have an ax always hanging over our necks either, do we? Well, at least not YET.

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