Saturday, November 21, 2009


Nothing is more frustrating than people with strong opinions who are not interested in where they came from. Rampant, no?

"I just hate her, I dunno. Now shut up. Politics is boring. Where's my x-box?"

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Conscious Observer said...

Ha ha ha!! I know and pretty soon they'll be no need for people (kids mostly) to ever leave their house, with all the technology they can have on the their tv and computers.

Get yer butt up, go outside, read a book, take time to learn about things and people, and then come and tell what you like or don't like about them. AND go rinse that crap out of your hair! Halloween is only day a year!

Adults too. (Not the green hair thing) Take the time to learn what this person or that person is all about and stands for. Whether it's a Sarah, or a Pelosi... but take time to know who they are and where they stand. You'll be glad you did and less confused.

I've got a a little post on Palin, if you've got time to check it out.

It's silly how the left control the board for now, and the right "CAN'T" have any good players or hopefuls. Boo hoo hoo...Aunt Nancy make them stop!!

(and geesh!! talk about your halloween masks!! ahhhhh!!!)