Friday, November 20, 2009


ACORN is outraged. They are suing the oh-so-rare investigative journalists and the site they work for. They are using tax-payer money to sue the government to get more tax-payer money to push their Marxist agenda. Breitbart, that released the videos responds by....releasing another video. Oh, and as he said on Fox last night, there are a whole lot more of them to come. I don't understand how that can be when ACORN has said that the problem was with a just a few, isolated individuals in an otherwise fine, upstanding organization. Strange.

The latest, from Big Government:

Lavelle Stewart, of ACORN in South Central Los Angeles, tells us she thinks we have to hook up with “someone who’s on that international sex business level,” that “14 and 15 year olds been traveling overseas for years,” that she can do independent research for us, and that she has had meetings with Porn magnate Larry Flynt. As for laundering the sex money into my faux political campaign, Lavelle says, “there are ways, people do it all the time. Yeah there are ways, especially out here in California.”

TheWhite House, not to investigate the criminal organization (what world do YOU live in!?). The One hires someone to scub all traces of his long collaboration and involvement with the group:

Just as Anita Dunn — the Obama communications director who led a campaign to marginalize Fox News and who publicly praised the genocidal dictator with the biggest body count in human history as one of her "favorite political philosophers" — joined the crowd under Chairman Zero's bus, her husband Bob Bauer climbed aboard as White House counsel. His mission: to erase the many ties between our Community Organizer in Chief and ACORN (Moonbattery)

It's how the left works. Lies. Deception. Slight-of-hand.

Garsh, sure is mystifying why so many people are so enthused about Sarah Palin. She's like, all genuine, truthful and is who and what she says she is.

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Conscious Observer said...

It's disgusting and THEY are disgusting and it's exactly how left works. He covers tracks, his associations cover tracks, Congress covers tracks blah blah. What transparency?? It's one big lie.

I've been off line a while but "Economic growth, Unemployment falling, and GITMO prioners trial PART 2" and "Going Rogue" are on my blog if you're interested in reading them.

Keep up the good work!