Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Subotai Bahadur at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler says its

Those who govern us have the power to impose their will on us because we FEAR

them and what they can do to us.

Conversely, they have absolutely NO FEAR of anything we are likely to do to them.

They DO NOT FEAR the Law or the Constitution, because they know that in actual practice they are above them. Just try to charge someone politically connected under the same law that we have to obey. The only way that they get punished for their crimes is if their fellow politicians pull a vendetta on them or if they are so monumentally stupid as to invoke Darwinian laws.

They DO NOT FEAR poverty or have the same need we have to make enough to survive. Between blatant corruption and having a pipeline direct into the Treasury, they have no monetary worries at all. It is telling that out of 535 members of the House and Senate, 400+ are millionaires, with most of those being Democrats. No one who goes to Congress or to high Executive postion comes out anything but wealthy.

They DO NOT FEAR losing elections, because even before last January they believed that they have the game rigged. Since the management [I won't say leadership] of the Republican Party would rather lose every issue and every election rather than run candidates that would offend Democrats, or stand up and fight them; there is no one to oppose the rigging. In most election cycles, there is more turnover from death and retirements than from voter choice. And the way that they are acting this year; running roughshod over the law and deliberately, knowingly, and arrogantly pissing off their constituents … the most rational explanation is that they no longer believe that they need to even theoretically fear the possibility of being voted out of office in 2010 or after.

They DO NOT FEAR public opinion, because they and their families neither interact with the “peasants” and nor do they give an obese rodents gluteal musculature about what we think, feel, or go through. They make Marie Antoinette look like Mother Teresa. We have as much social influence on them as ants have on picnickers.

They DO NOT FEAR physical harm, because the entire weight of the state is in place to protect them, and the mass of Americans are not the men that the Founding Fathers were, or even the men that our own fathers were.

Until they have something to FEAR, we are just serfs as far as they are concerned. That does not preclude them being stupid enough to kill off the serfs that keep them in the High Castle, out of devotion to their collectivist gods; but until we do something to instill FEAR in them, we are still serfs.

It's why I won't shut up and "try to get along" anymore.

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