Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"...and in closing, I would like to thank every one of you men, women and transgendered, for defending one of the largest muslim countries in the world, the United States. Take care, and as my spiritual advisor always says, "goddamn America."
(Man am I ever glad that's over. So hard to know what to say that these ignorant knuckle-dragging troglodytes can understand. Hope they weren't able to see the distain in my face....maybe I can just tell them that somebody farted or somethin.....)


He gave his lil' speach at Fort Hood today. Spare me. Continuing and accelerating the liberal enforcement of PC multi- cultural ism regardless of a situations reality or the real-word cost, he, more than any other President, has tied the hands of our intelligence services and our military to avoid the slightest possibility of offending the perpetually offended Islamic world.

Why the hell WOULD they have done anything to stop this guy? They'd be demoted or court-marshaled at best, or like our CIA, be prosecuted for keeping us safe. Explains this, at Hot Air, talking about other incidents, and

Time’s new piece confirming that that wasn’t the only time he got his jihad on in full view of military personnel:

This officer said he was so surprised when Hasan gave a talk about “the war on terror being a war on Islam” that he asked the lieutenant colonel running the course what Hasan’s presentation had to do with health care. “I raised my hand and asked, `Why are you letting this go on — this has nothing to do with environmental health.’ The course director said, `I’m just going to let him go.’” The topic of Hasan’s presentation, the officer says, had been approved in advance by the lieutenant colonel.

A retired four-star officer says that, based on the evidence gleaned so far, it was Hasan’s career that should have been cut short. “They could have given — him a dishonorable discharge and said what he’s doing works against good order and discipline,” said the general, who also requested anonymity.

So when a soldier openly talks of killing Americans, courts jihadists, attempts contact with AQ etc. etc. etc. (which of course, to the left, means nothing), he is left free to murder Americans.

Better that we be dead that upset anyone. THAT is why I say that Jugears and everyone else that pushes this insanity is partly responsible for the deaths at Fort Hood.

Partly responsible as well for the deaths of our troops over seas, hamstrung by insane rules of engagement made to pretend war is not war and by the completely un-hinged policy of requiring them to read Miranda Rights to the enemy (no, it's not just for U.S. citizens anymore. Remember? We're World Citizens now!)

How do they sleep at night? Easy. Soldiers are all stupid baby killers anyway, war is evil if it's not pretty and every culture is equally valuable and deserving respect in our new One World; even cultures that insist on the destruction of all others by violence, intimidation and by labeling the non-acceptance of their laws as discrimination. Who are WE to say that we shouldn't all die? Who are we to say that we shouldn't accept Sharia Law as the Koran mandates that we do?

That would be Xenophobic! Ya damn bigot!

We ALL know that The One is above that sorta thing, so I don't understand why he pretended to feel so bad.

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