Saturday, November 21, 2009

Un-like the tea-party people, this guy's not un-American and is on board with the new regimes kind, enlightened foreign policy!
(via Joshua Pundit)


The Obamnumist's "photo-ops" are expendable and can die in increasing numbers because of lack of support, because the President of Afghanistan is corrupt. True, he's not dedicated to the destruction of the United States, Western Civilization or the fascist imposition of Sharia law world-wide through violent means, but that doesn't really matter.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is an “unworthy partner” who does not deserve a big boost either in U.S. troops or civilian aid, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

Pelosi, a skeptic on sending more troops to Afghanistan, also said in an interview with National Public Radio aired on Friday that there was not strong support among her fellow Democrats in Congress for “any big ramp-up of troops” to oppose resurgent Taliban forces. (Reuters)

War is ALWAYS un-necessary. Self-preservation is un-necessary. All one needs to do is say, "look! we're are the nice people" and magically, everyone will lay down their guns watch them turn into pretty flowers!

I mean, how can the idealism of The First Church of Fundamentalist Liberalism live in the same mind with real, imperfect world pragmatism?

It's what you FEEEEEL that matters, otherwise you won't have the illusion necessary to complete your attempts at building heaven on earth, changing humanity through government control.

It that brings about destruction and Hell, at least you meant well!

It's im-por-tant to maintain that sense of goodness and superiority at ALL costs. Otherwise that fragile, empty ego will crumble.

So WHAT if people die! At least I feel good!

(sidenote: corrupt, murderous dictators that truly CARE about people, on the other hand, are worthy of our praise and support.)

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