Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Wanna have some fun? When talking to a liberal, pepper your conversation with a lot of winks, end sentences with the word "also" and repeatedly say "you betcha." Don't mention Sarah, just do these things and watch them dance around gettin' all angsty and nutty. We need all the laughs we can get these days!

Nice clip of O'Reilly, talking about why it is that the left hates her so, and about the oh-so-mysterious way in which different networks and newspapers are miraculously coordinated in their attacks:

Bernie Goldberg adds his thoughts:

Get that? They hold you in contempt while they tell you that they love and care for you. As more and more people wake up to this reality and find that they have been played for suckers by these arrogant pricks (in BOTH parties, btw), they're gonna be just a lil' bit pissed off and lookin' for that can of whoop-ass.

She's already blowin' up, with approval of her breaking the 50% mark for the first time. It will only grow as the public sees more of a genuine, caring, smart and above all honest politician for perhaps the first time, and the Obamunist administration continues like drunken sailors to destroy our country while they talk outa both sides of their asses and laugh at "the stupid little public."

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