Friday, November 13, 2009


Why oh why didn't they get in line like so many other Americans of African descent and vote for slavery over freedom? Must hate themselves. Or maybe....I dunno....they think for themselves and believe that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, like that famous self-loathing black man, Martin Luther King said. Or is it that they don't want to be treated as slaves by the party that abandoned the KKK as their armed wing, in favor of playing the benevolent master, to keep them in their place? Don't they know that they are nothing but BLACK, as defined by the democratic party, with individual ideas and personality taking a back seat? You know, sorta like what the klan thinks?

Another Black Conservative
went to check it. Conservative Black Woman participated.

These people are HEROES. The differences and the history are very, very different, but I have an inkling of what it takes to stand up to an enforced sub-culture that sees you as a traitor if you dare to question their sick, self-destructive ideology. Its not easy for me, being a guy/guy kinda guy. But its 100 times harder for them. But they don't give a damn and they stand up for the truth in the best tradition of this country.

On Beck tonight.

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Conscious Observer said...


Well said. I had to wait to watch after 11, because I was out, but luckily have DVR.

It was a good show. I think I saw CBW but I'm not sure. I think everyone had great points and I appreciated their patriotism. They are getting it, just we are getting
it, just as the left are getting it in their face.

I sure to respect Charles Payne. God Bless America.

(No promo's today. And when I do it's because I know your blog gives mine greate exposure!) Thank you again!