Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lionel McIntyre, brutally victimized by a white woman's mind!


...with another "teachable" moment, via Jammie Wearing Fool:

A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.

Police busted Lionel McIntyre, 59, for assault yesterday after his bruised victim, Camille Davis, filed charges. ...

The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about "white privilege" with Davis, who is white, and another male regular, who is also white, Friday night at 10:30 when fists started flying, patrons said.

McIntyre, who is known as "Mac" at the bar, shoved Davis, and when the other patron and a bar employee tried to break it up, the prof slugged Davis in the face, witnesses said.

"The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise," bar back Richie Velez, 28, told The Post. "I was on my way over when he punched Camille and she fell on top of me."

The outcome?

Davis waited three days to inform the police, because, according to Morgan, “She was being pressured not to make waves.”
(Hmmm....sound like any other recent news? She was afraid to report it because her job would be in danger. McIntyre, as a black man, was further up the victim hierarchy than she, a white woman and so she had no right to complain.

Members of the military and the national intelligence services were aware that Maj. Hasan was a jihadi, but being lower that the pinnacle of victim hierarchy, Muslim-hood, they could not take action without the danger of losing their jobs and risking lawsuits.)

What happened to the poor black victim that, of course, only struck out against an oppressor?

...it's no small irony he was released without bail following his arraignment. Should we consider that black privilege? Let's reverse roles and suppose a white professor punched a black student in the face? You think that person would walk without bail?

Think he'll pay for beating a woman for being an evil white bee-atch and not accepting the party line?
... nothing will happen and he'll go on his merry way collecting a nice Ivy League paycheck.

At Columbia, McIntyre is considered a World Leader.
Remember, as we are being repeatedly told in Washington and the Media (but I repeat myself), if you have a problem with this it's because you aren't as highly educated as those at Columbia, Yale and Harvard. You are an ignorant redneck that needs to shut up and listen.

Well, that, and because you're a......RACIST!

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