Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Besides the fact that they were often filled with optimism, positive messages and genuine entertainment free from the tiresome modern obsession to make film "real," in sticking to these movies I'm not supporting the increasing tendency of Hollywood to be nothing more than another arm of Marxist propaganda for Obama's Glorious Revolution.

Big Hollywood is on this, as for instance this bit of horrifically sick and deluded de-humanization of anyone stupid enough to revere the Constitution by the award-winning director of "Nine":

“The Vampires are the aristocracy of the undead, who can, at least, talk. The Vampires are the fear mongers, the talk show hosts, the politicians who can’t find a way to give health insurance to children, much less adults; the bankers, Ponzi schemers, drug company lobbyists, the theologians of prosperity. We can’t understand them without first considering why they’re in a symbolic war against the Lycanthropes.” ...
Palinism is vampirism, as she leads her army of Zombies, who refuse to concede that carbon dioxide levels are man-made because they want the world to heat up, because they are cold and dead and want to burn or drown everyone else, because death is jealous of life.

Palinistic Vampirism controls the Zombies, and uses them as proxies to call for the massacre that the Vampires are too clever to ask for themselves. But they do want blood. There is no vegetarian vampire, and vampires are always and only liars. Werewolves, like any dog who steals from the table, may be liars, but unlike the Vampires, they don’t want power. The Vampires can’t be reasoned with.

Keep in mind, this guy is an honored, 'intellectual" big shot. He's serious. He's one of the many, many people in Hollywood, slipping their politics into the minds of audiences as slick and soft as that popcorn butter they're sucking down, under the guise of entertainment.

Another example? Avatar. From Doctor Zero:

Avatar is the CGI-enhanced, $400 million version of the dark dreams peddled by Monbiot and Toynbee. It’s a suicide fantasy, the Hollywood blockbuster equivalent of a troubled teenager’s notebook sketches, scribbled by someone who hates himself only marginally less than he hates the rest of the world....

What happens to this wish-fulfillment watercolor of eco-paradise? Why, greedy idiots with guns and bulldozers show up to mow it down, of course. Humans suck, man. They deserve to die… and die they do, in a hail of arrows, fangs, teeth, and lots of screaming plummets from great heights. All those military toys beloved by the right-wing warmongers of the military-industrial complex prove to be useless against the righteous fury of an aroused Gaia and her chosen champion, a redeemed soldier who has seen the error of his ways. Take that, Marine killbot slaves of Big Business....

Avatar was written by a man who thinks those who disagree with his environmentalist obsessions are so blind that, in the future they will create, the last decent man in the universe will lead a far more noble alien race to victory over us, and literally renounce his humanity as part of his reward. James Cameron invites you to join him in the most beautifully rendered adolescent daydream of suicide ever created, and share his sense of righteous superiority over those who refuse to applaud at the end.

If you don't hate yourself and hate the rest of humanity, yer really, really stupid.

I hope you've learned your lesson. (but don't call them Satanic)

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