Sunday, December 13, 2009


How can anyone not like her?

Dr.Clouthier thinks this marks a turning point for her. Quoting William Jacobson:
Obama used his appearance on Oprah, and other entertainment media love, to establish his popularity. Which is why it damages Obama’s image so badly when SNL mocks Obama. At this point, Obama needs the media more than the media needs Obama.

Palin, by contrast, established her popularity independent of, and despite, the entertainment media. When it comes to Palin, the entertainment media is following not leading. We have reached the point where the mainstream entertainment media needs Palin more than Palin needs the media.

I agree. Sarah Palin’s success with humor, for me, was/is pivotal. She must transcend the media by engaging them humorously. And she did that in spades.

This segment and the book tour and the Facebook page and the Op-Eds have succeeded to do one thing: Bring Sarah Palin back to neutral ground....

Washington, D.C. is a cess-pool populated by venomous snakes. Even within the Republican party, insiders want Palin to shut up. When she called out some of the consultants on the McCain campaign, she made enemies. She is feared and loathed within her own party. And yet, Palin already wields enough power that these people must give good face. For now.

The difficult road is ahead for Sarah Palin. It will take all the political skill she can muster to navigate these waters. She has enemies within and without. Better to not think about it and move forward, and continue to make brave decisions.

And that is just the thing that is so great about this woman- she's GOING to "move forward and make brave decisions," regardless of what anyone thinks and what anyone tells her. She knows what's right, she knows what she believes and she's not going to change that to "win" anything. She has what most in both parties in Washington lack: integrity. I think in the long run, that is what is going to get her the presidency. People want change? What could be more different than integrity?

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