Friday, December 04, 2009

Cool the some ice cream! (image via Accumulating Peripherals )


The MSM continues to ignore climate-gate. The evidence of phony evidence, lying, and suppressing "inconvenient" data continues to mount, and yet the people who just love the planet and want to help ever'body continue to steamroll along with their draconian plans.
It appears that the climate was never the issue, or they would change their tune, right?

So what is the issue? From Moonbattery:

One of the tricks of the con-artist is to tell the mark exactly what the mark wants to hear. Isn't it a remarkable coincidence that the villains in the Global Warming Scam --- western capitalism, oil companies, "polluters" --- are the same people the left has hated since Al Gore was just another chubby rich kid growing up in the Fairfax Hotel. Isn't it just as remarkable that the "solution" to Global Warming involves giving the left's heroes --- environmentalists --- absolute control over the people they hate?

Oh yeah. CONTROL. It is the number one goal of the left, and has been all through history, as opposed to freedom, that over-rated guiding light of evil conservatives like....I dunno....the Founding Fathers n' stuff.

But don't call them Totalitarians.

Read "Liberal Fascism" yet? (hot tip: it's 5 bucks used on Amazon right now)

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