Saturday, December 12, 2009

WHY does this woman hate the earth so much!?


....unless the left that wants to control her.

Killing babies? Fine. Having babies? You gotta be stopped, bitch!

The Totalitarian Chinese State has piped up on the Global Change (or whatever name the discredited clothing for total control is going by now) by calling for the whole world to force families to have no more than one child.

And an influential Canadian journalist has written a piece saying she couldn't agree more.

I saw Laura Ingrams interviewing her and she asked how would this be enforced? The woman said he was not for oppression. Asked again and again, she danced and danced around the issue.

Asked where her idea leaves the Catholic Church she said:

"The Catholic Church has a lot to answer for."

Yes, the left believes a woman has a right to make her own reproductive decisions, unless they are decisions that the left does not like.

Much as the left believes in the separation of church and state, unless the church gets in the way of the left's dreamed of total control. In that case, The State will tell the church what to do and what to believe.

This should not come as a surprise. After all, The One's (cough, cough) "science czar,'' John Holdren has called for forced sterilizations and "compulsory abortions" in the past.

This isn't the fringe. This is happening in the center.

And what have we learned from Nanny? "Bitches better learn their place!"

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