Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm constantly seeing them push a Marxist/leftist agenda, but still watch for the interesting bits between the ideology. But now they've gone over the top:

You can see the possibility that small acts multiplied by the millions can merge into great movements of social change.So speaketh Howard Zinn in summing up the theme of last night’s two hour History Channel telecast of “The People Speak.” But like all Leftists, Zinn’s using a t-shirt ready face, focus group-tested platitudes, and cherry-picked bits of American history to further a monstrous ideology that will ensure all but a few Matt Damon-esque elites lose their liberties to Big Government overseers.

It purports to be all about The Constitution and a love letter to America. It's purpose is to destroy America and push the Marxism admittedly embraced by Howard Zinn on school children through their vast outreach efforts associated with the film in the state education system.

No ratings tick from me. I'm done.

Same goes for "Law and Order."

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