Thursday, December 10, 2009

Famous evil Christian Republican, Martin Luther King. Wonder what today's left would have called him?


If you haven't read Ace of Spades, check it out. I LOVE the lack of minced words. The attitude is that if you don't like it, screw you. Ace takes no prisoners.

Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I sure appreciate it. Refreshing!

It's the kind of place the left would see as obviously filled with bigotry and hatred.

Well.....he is bigoted. Against evil, ignorant jerks. Check this, part of a long recent post:

If you have a racial axe to grind, if you are kind of pissed off about minorities, stop posting on the subject. You are embarrassing yourselves, you are embarrassing me, you are embarrassing everyone else here.

If you think that I am secretly winking at you telling you I just hit the Racism Button and it's okay to start with the racial jibes, you are wrong.

If you think I am your secret racist buddy, who speaks in "code" but you "get" what I'm really saying, you are wrong. I hate you. I despise you.

... Knock it off on the gay "jokes" that contain no joke except for laughing at people for being gay. What I mean is: When any post goes up about, say, Andrew Sulllivan, "jokes" begin that aren't really jokes at all; it's just speaking nastily and in a demeaning way about gays.

There are gay jokes I don't mind. But they are, in fact, jokes, and not merely resentments and anger vented in a supposedly "amusing" fashion.

This fashion is never actually amusing; people just say nasty things and say "But I was joking!"

Well, no you weren't, you were perfectly serious, you were expressing your actual feelings with perfect accuracy. Your intent wasn't really to spread mirth, except for the lowest kind.


if you are just trotting out the same crap about gays having sex with other men (snicker, snicker!) and black people being this or that, you know what? Please save your "jokes." We have some funny people here and you are not counted in your number. Your "jokes" aren't jokes, they are angry and offensive statements you are smuggling in through the disguise of supposed levity, and they are not provoking grins and smiles, but grimaces.

For you guys, I will remind you: There are gays and blacks "on our side." They are your allies. They are, in a fake-pretend internet way, even your friends.

I am tired of seeing stuff that makes my friends cringe. I like my friends. I would like them not to cringe.

Stop it.

Right the hell ON!

THIS is one of the reasons I love Conservative politics. When people write or comment in racist or other bigoted ways, there is a huge pile on of condemnation and genuine outrage. The Republican party was not the party that brought an end to slavery and Jim Crow for nuthin.

The left however, feels very clever depicting Condolesa Rice as Aunt Jemimah, Michael Steele in black face and sending miles of comments to Michelle Malkin calling her a "gook whore." (check it out here) Their peers respond with narry a peep, because, as they are constantly demonstrating, how you live your life or what you do to get what you want don't matter a whit. All that matters is getting control, crushing the enemy and bringing about the Glorious Revolution. To them, racism, sexism and gay-hating is justified if used against their enemies.

The Right feels otherwise. It is ALWAYS sick and evil. They have been at the forefront of making the reality of our nation match the words of our founding documents and continue to believe in their truth. The left feels otherwise- to them, they were just a bunch of hateful straight white men that failed to re-distribute wealth.

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