Friday, December 11, 2009

Shocking image of The Little Baby Jesus busy offending the delicate sensibilities of his pretend rival, The Obamessiah!


From Dr. Melissa Cloutier:

President and Michelle Obama didn’t want the Nativity scene? Do you notice how inclusion means being nothing? Become everything to everybody and end up nothing to nobody….the danger of Barack Obama’s stance on, well, everything.

a reader of her's hits the nail on the head:

Obama is not a Christian, he is a secular Marxist who joined a fake church for political and personal advantage.

The teachings of Black Liberation Theory are the same as that of Kwanzaa. Use the trappings of Christianity to fool gullible fools into worshipping Marxism and secular leftists.

Obama is a opportunist who joined Jeremiah Wright’s “church” because it gave him street cred in Southside Chicago. He cynically used it in the campaign like all the secular leftist pretend to be religious and then rail against all the tenants of religion.

To me there is nothing more sacrilegious than a person or church that uses Christianity as a tool to further their personal agenda, instead of working to be a servant of God.

They are completely opposed. One places self above God, the other places God above self.
One is anti-Christian, one is Christian.

For instance, The One could not have the IHS symbol above him when he spoke at Georgetown:

Due to a request from the White House Staff, the university covered up the “IHS”— a symbol of the name of Jesus Christ — on the stage of Gaston Hall during President Obama’s speech on Tuesday....

The “IHS” symbol, which is located directly behind the podium from which Obama spoke, was covered with a piece of wood that was painted black.

Black, the color of the Obamessiah's sacred heart!

The left HATES Christianity, unless it is being USED as a tool. But don't call 'em evil!

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