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The Guantanamo vacationers, given the food they demand, the books and rugs they demand and who our men and women are prevented from retaliating against when they throw feces and urine at them (a frequent occurrence), have loudly proclaimed that they have been tortured and abused.

So the left goes into a tizzy, buys it, represents them as victims and the government-directed MSM trumpets their charges as fact to the point that the base will be shut down.

Six brave Navy Seals capture a piece of human filth that burned, mutilated and then hung Americans from a bridge. True heroes! But then the guy shows up with a scratched lip and screams that he was abused and tortured by them.

So the Seals face Court Marshall.

Our enemy knows the power that the self-destructive, deluded left wields in what remains of our nation. They are not stupid. Take a look at their captured training manual (from the DOD):

Police in Manchester, England, discovered the manual, which has come to be known as the "Manchester document," in 2000 while searching computer files found in the home of a known al Qaeda member...

The document...has surfaced in various locations, including Afghanistan...

The closing chapter teaches al Qaeda operatives how to operate in a prison or detention center.

It directs detainees to "insist on proving that torture was inflicted" and to "complain of mistreatment while in prison." (IPT)

Well, maybe that Dept. of Defense memo was put out during the Bush years and so was scrapped when The One rose to power to "fundamentally transform America."

At least his goal is the same as these poor, abused, misunderstood freedom fighters we are so busy not torturing!

But what other methods have come to light that they use to destroy us, or more correctly, destroy ourselves?


It's the tactic of terror funding jihadist groups in the US to call themselves "moderate" and offer to help us.

They know that Americans are, by and large, embracing of all religions and races and desire more than anything to live together "e pluribus unum." It's in our founding. It's a source of pride. (regardless of what the racist left says).

So the tactic is to use that against us. You probably heard a lot about the "moderate" muslim group, CAIR, in the MSM, being touted as a voice of reason and a helpful ally. K. 'Bout that group, CAIR:

CAIR, was created by Hamas supporters in 1994 following a secret meeting in Philadelphia that the FBI wiretapped. Exhibits in the Hamas fundraising trial of the Holy Land Foundation showed that CAIR's founders were part of the secret Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure that sought, in the MB's own words, to carry out a "civilization-jihadist process" and to implement a "grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within …"

...the FBI labeled CAIR a "front" group for Hamas or that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in that case. It ended last year with convictions on 108 counts tied to Hamas support. Disturbing evidence linking CAIR to Hamas prompted the FBI to cut off relations with CAIR. (IPT)

This is the tip of the CAIR iceberg and yet today the media still consults them as "moderate muslim" experts who are here to help.


Another tactic is using political correctness and our legal system to slowly impose Sharia Law. It's worked very well in the UK, where their work is nearly complete. A few years behind here, but they're workin' on it:

CAIR came to the defense of Sheik Wagdy Ghoneim, a radical Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader. During a CAIR co-sponsored rally at Brooklyn College in May 1998, Ghoneim led the audience in a song with the lyrics, "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes." ...

Mr. Ayloush argued Ghoneim was a victim of racial profiling...More importantly, CAIR has condemned virtually every Islamic terrorist indictment and conviction in the last seven years as "racist" or as "political" inquisitions. And it refuses to label Hamas and Hizbollah as terrorists. At times, CAIR officials have justified the use of suicide bombings. (IPT)

The "flying Imams" that staged fake preparations for a terrorist attack on a jet just got chunks of cash (to be used to kill us, no doubt) for being "discriminated against."

When six Muslim clerics were removed from a US Airways flight in 2006 because their behavior raised suspicions, the imams and their attorneys rushed to complain of anti-Muslim bias and ethnic profiling.

The inevitable lawsuit soon followed. The religious leaders, who were questioned for a few hours before being released, accused the airline, the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and law enforcement officials of violating their civil rights.

That lawsuit has now been settled out of court for an undisclosed amount — (USAToday)

That's just a most recent instance. Check Jihad Watch from time to time- they document this stuff like nobody's business.


Mullah after mullah has called for immigration and a dedication to continual childbearing as a tool to take over Europe and now the US. This strategy has become all the more effective as the legal system and welfare states of Europe have given them every assistance in this. They will bring over as many wives as possible to pop out as many children as possible, all on government assistance (because, you know, adhering to the law against polygamy would be discrimination).

In addition, when an area becomes largely Muslim, the police stay away and Sharia Law exists over and above the nations own legal system (mostly in France). This is all exhaustively documented in Bruce Bawr's often banned book, "While Europe Slept." Of course its horribly Islamophobic to speak the truth over fantasy (see Legal Jihad, above)

You would THINK that The Government of the Glorious Revolution might pay attention to this stuff.

Unfortunately that can't happen because it would require stepping out of Happy Gumdrop Land and being real-world pragmatic instead of clinging to retarded illusions cooked up in the heads of hippies during their years of weed, acid, and Chairman Mao's Little Red Book.

To be wrong about cherished delusions and admit it, and further, to admit REAL danger, is far too terrifying for such under-developed, fragile egos to contemplate.

I know, I was one of them. It feels like the end of the world. It is MUCH more terrifying to them than say.... actual terror!

And THAT is what is TRULY terrifying about those in power right now.

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