Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Now that the EPA has classified what you exhale with every breath as a pollutant, subject to their regulation, there will be NO ASPECT of your life they will not have some control over.

That is, unless you let The One and his minions enact Cap n' Tax.

B...b...b..but what about Climate gate, n' all the lying, hiding, intimidation and flat out lies that have been uncovered from the elite of the Global Warming Community?


Greg Gutfeld has some thoughts:

Predictably, New York Times says those Climategate emails reveal nothing more than the pettiness of a few scientists – and in no way undermines global warming science. Meanwhile, The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that greenhouse gases are endangering people’s health, making way for the Obama administration to enact regulation without congressional action. And no surprise, both Robert Gibbs and the chair of the IPCC dismissed the Climategate scandal as no big deal....

... what’s the biggest fraud of all? It’s the marginalization of anyone who stands in the way of Big Globe. Never before has a defense of science been so mocked and ridiculed – all in the name of science. Even if you don’t question the hypothesis, but question the methods, you’re a heretic. If you even don’t question the methods, but question the policy, you’re a monster. And even if you don’t question the policy, but question the hysteria, you’re a murderer.

The fact is, for the media and our administration – global warming ideology is too big to fail, because that failure is their failure. You kill global warming, you kill their god – and if you do that – then where in the world will they be?

Rediscovering global cooling, probably.

You will OBEY and SUBMIT.

Funny, that's the same thing the Islamofascists are always sayin. No wonder they're so chummy with the left.

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