Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Greg Gutfeld
hits the nail on the head. Everyone laughed at the "Jersey Shore" people on Leno. Boy, them kids sure are dumb!

But compared to some others, their freakin' Einsteins:


First off, when did these kids ever pass themselves off as smart? Did they ever say they were members of Mensa? Of course not: the only pompous jerks who tell you they're in Mensa - are in Mensa.

Also, it's not like these kids ever showed up in front of the cameras, clutching their diplomas from Cornell's agricultural college - like some MSNBC hosts are known to do. No, they're only proud of their abs. So what. None of that stuff affects you. The fact that they're honest about their shallowness already puts them on an intellectual level higher than Sean Penn and Gynneth Paltrow, combined.

Look, I watch the show, and I admit the dudes are knuckleheads, and the women are mindless lushes. The random violence is gross. It's disgusting.

But we know it's disgusting.

In my mind, far more dangerous is the crap that's just as disgusting, but passes itself off as enlightening. I'm not just referring to The View or the Huffington Post - but also the Climate Change conference and any CNN special on race. Why obsess over some punks slathered in hair gel and fake tan - when you've got Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with their hands on the wheel?

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