Monday, September 28, 2009


Hilareous. Olbermann Watch tabulates the number of times he mentions top stories each week.

This weeks numbers:
  • Palin: 56
  • Afghanistan: 45
  • Joe Wilson: 34
  • Iran: 28
  • Glenn Beck: 21
  • Fox News: 13
  • Iraq: 6
  • Zazi / terror / plots: 0
His PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) necessitates 56 apoplexic mentions of Palin. The Zazi terror plot necessitates zero mentions, as concern for terrorist attacks on this country are nothing but a paranoid right-wing fantasy.

1 comment:

Lone Wolf said...

Olberman makes me sick. What a pompous ultra left wing crypto-homo piece of trash.

Funny...I haven't heard any railing against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq now that commie but-boy Obongo is in office and the commie democrats run Congress. Guess the wars are kosher now.