Friday, May 28, 2010


"It wan't RAPE rape."

Time and again. To the left, criminals deserve compassion. I mean, ANYBODY can feel bad for a victim, to champion murderers and rapists...DAMN! That's cutting edge! That makes you look so very very SPECIAL.

And THAT is what the left is all about.

Not goodness. Not the real world. Not fairness.

It's always all about THEM.

Exhibit A:



Kidding. They are from Sunday's protest against the rule of law.

Still waiting for Ol' Stretchy face Pelosi to get all teary-eyed about the swastikas.

Check 'em all at Verum Serum.)

Meanwhile, Der Messiah is on record now saying he's not for or against the boycotts of AZ.

Divide and conquer. That's the number one tool he and other Marxists use to bamboozle the public into going along with their destruction of America.

It's all from Saul Alinsky's bible (you know, the one he dedicated to Satan:
“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer).

If you don't believe this, check his words (via Soda Head)

"The use of The Ideology of Change and Hope" Alinsky proclaims "is a power technique (and) is key to mobilizing 'the dispossessed' to ban together and create pressure on the system".

Sound at ALL familiar? So lets check Mr. Alinsky's character:

"Lie, dissemble, ridicule and deride your opponents... do what you need to do to get ahead. Listen to and learn their needs and take advantage - do not care. Manipulate the morals. Lying is never wrong as long as it leads you to a position of power. Say what you need to say to get ahead. The ends justify the means."

Is THAT familiar? Should be. It's what Perfesser Obama TAUGHT.



Thursday, May 27, 2010


Americans being Americans first.


Wow. He keeps telling the un-varnished, un-focus-group-spun, TRUTH. Remember that? Truth? He's like a cool refreshing breeze blowing through Hell.

BTW, Hot Air reports this teacher makes $86,000 a year.

Yes, I weep for her pain too.

We are all citizens of the world first. World bodies have the ultimate say, not Washington.

And so, elected officials in AZ and Mexico are taking AZ to the world court:

NOGALES, May 25, 2010 .- To reverse the effects of SB-1070, legislators in Mexico and the U.S. (EU) have agreed to submit an appeal to the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), since this initiative criminalises migration with racial profiling in the state of Arizona.

...The conclave was attended by U.S. lawmakers: Amanda Aguirre, Linda Brown, Linda Lopez, Manuel “Manny” Alvarez, Manny Ruiz, Martin Porchas, Rick Flores and Rudy Molera. (via Verum Serum)

The U.S. being made subservient to international governance? Just a wacky right-wing conspiracy theory. Ignore the recent words of our oh-so-patriotic leader:

That's right. He's telling men and women at West Point that they are not here to serve the U.S. They here as troops for the new world order.

Funny, I don't remember agreeing to be part of a world order. I don't remember electing anyone to it. I don't remember having any say at all. And yet, increasingly, we are told we are to be subservient to something higher than the Constitution.

The President is sworn to uphold the Constitution as the highest rule of law and to protect our nation. He is not sworn to uphold the laws of international bodies as the highest rule, nor to to put our troops under direction of an international governance.

In other words, he is violating his oath. He is blatantly anti-American.

Of course, he won't be impeached. But you better pray that he is voted out or it is over.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I love Robin of Berkeley, partly because she was a deluded, far left idiot just like me for most of her life but finally grew up a little and began to discover clues to what sanity looks like.

She reviews lil' Miss "I'm proud of my country for the first time"'s speech to the kids she is helping to enslave to The State:

Michelle Obama recently gave a speech to graduates at George Washington University. The underlying message? Do as I say, not as I do.
Also: Life sucks, and then you die. There's war and famine and an overcooked planet. Become global citizens and fix the mess! Clean the feet of lepers in Calcutta, eradicate malaria in the Sudan, and live like a monk with no personal needs.
Of course, Michelle's own personal journey has been a tad different. After she graduated from racist-infested Princeton University, Michelle made big bucks as a corporate lawyer. Working as a vice president of the University of Chicago Medical Center, she saved the hospital a bundle through patient-dumping -- sending those unable to pay to other hospitals.
Michelle, who as First Lady requires 22 personal assistants, apparently helped Barack make millions by helping convince unrepentant domestic terrorist and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers to ghostwrite his long-overdue autobiography.
Not wanting to live in one of those dreary third-world shacks, Barack and Michelle entered into a shady land deal with corrupt businessman Tony Rezko, who helped the couple buy million-dollar-plus digs that were a financial stretch.
Then she writes what SHE would have said. Check it out.

To give The Negative Vibe Merchant credit though, she is being perfectly consistent to the mainstream of academia. She is no different.

Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others....due, no doubt, to the aweful burden they bear for having to control every aspect of everyone else's life with their towering intellects and deep spirituality.

Sacrifice is necessary....but for other people. God forbid anyone 'intellectual" would have to give up time on their yoga mat or money that they planned on using for the latest, hip, see-and-be-seen restaurant.

Those are things they deserve and although sacrifice is good, no one important should ever, ever feel any discomfort, let alone pain. I mean, what did the hippies fight for!?

Well, except for them dumb rednecks, you know.....

Besides, if the Marxist elite would make sacrifices for others themselves, well....they would be almost, like....Christian! They are MUCH more spiritually enlightened than THAT!





They are quadrupling the tax on oil. My heroes!

Responding to the massive BP oil spill, Congress is getting ready to quadruple—to 32 cents a barrel—a tax on oil ... (AP)
I just KNEW the solution was to take more of our money!

Meanwhile, Bobby Jindal rips them a new one:

So were is the light in all this dark mass of crude? States are more and more waking up to the fact that the federal government is NOT the answer and that they need to take back the power that is rightfully theirs under the Constitution and say goodbye to mommy and daddy Big Government. First Arizona, now Louisiana.
More wisdom than the entire staff of The New York Times.


Anyone that thinks Der Messiah loves this country and what it stands for is either delusional, woefully uninformed or a flat out liar.

I'm sorry. But as Cheech and Chong once famously said, "looks like dog sh*t. Smells like dog sh*t. Taste! Taste! Ok. Taste like dog sh*t"

Of course, despite the fact that they were stoned outa their gourds, they had the sense not to step in it.

The MSM, on the other hand, not only steps in it, they BATHE in it as if it were eu d' cologne.

John Hawkins
runs down just a lil' bit of the evidence.

Now TELL me.....

Ace of Spades with more...

And Jared E. Peterson at American Thinker doesn't mince words either:

When America is being invaded by a foreign power, one expects the President of the United States to be on America's side. That's how it's worked in the past, anyway. If that's too steep a demand, could we ask that our president not publicly endorse the enemy's characterization of modest defensive efforts as "discriminatory"? If even that decent silence is too much, could our president at least not provide the invaders' leader with a White House venue to denounce our people and our laws?

Note to those Americans who have not yet noticed: Barrack Hussein Obama does not like or sympathize with this country.

His instinctual affinities are with others, particularly if they come from the southern hemisphere or call themselves Muslims, and especially if they vote Democrat when they get here. For a long time, some have known this about America's first anti-American president. Many have not yet perceived it. Had most Republican members of Congress not been asleep, confused, or afraid, the events of last week could have cast a brilliant light on this awful truth.

But exposing the charlatan when he allows the truth to spill out, as he did last week, requires a courageous, clear-thinking, and articulate opposition. Other than Representative McClintock and a few more, who among key GOP officeholders possesses these traits?

Exactly. Who?
Go on. Have some. Sweet...tasty....crunchy....DEADLY! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!


Stop laughing! It's TRUE! Experts have said so, and if you don't believe it, it's only because you're a stupid redneck that hates the earth.

Numberwatch has put together a full page of links to all the horrible things that dis-proven man-made global warming has brought upon us.

You have GOT to look at this! Hil-freakin-lareous!!!!

We still have free enterprise....sorta..... so stop being a "fear monger!"

Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds.

At the same time, government-provided benefits — from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs — rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010. (via USA Today, of all places!)

Want to make money? Work for The State, where you will be lavishly paid with the money stolen from those who make less and less.

As Margaret Thatcher once said,

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money [to spend]."

Look at Greece. Look at the rest of the Europe that is increasingly smelling the coffee of reality that we are going full-bore away from here.

Oh course in answer to the question, "where has Marxism EVER worked, let alone not killed millions upon millions?" the answer continues to be, "well, no one has ever had the RIGHT person in total control." We do now, and he's not only the right person, he's the One True Risen Obamessiah!

What could go wrong? Hater!

Monday, May 24, 2010



What did Rand Paul actually say? Via Red State:

...the media and left are out saying Rand Paul would have opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
He never said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act. In fact, he said he supported key provisions in the Civil Rights Act.

Here is the relevant portion of the transcript:

SIEGEL: You’ve said that business should have the right to refuse service to anyone, and that the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA, was an overreach by the federal government. Would you say the same by extension of the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Dr. PAUL: What I’ve always said is that I’m opposed to institutional racism, and I would’ve, had I’ve been alive at the time, I think, had the courage to march with Martin Luther King to overturn institutional racism, and I see no place in our society for institutional racism.

SIEGEL: But are you saying that had you been around at the time, you would have - hoped that you would have marched with Martin Luther King but voted with Barry Goldwater against the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Dr. PAUL: Well, actually, I think it’s confusing on a lot of cases with what actually was in the civil rights case because, see, a lot of the things that actually were in the bill, I’m in favor of. I’m in favor of everything with regards to ending institutional racism. So I think there’s a lot to be desired in the civil rights [act]. And to tell you the truth, I haven’t really read all through it because it was passed 40 years ago and hadn’t been a real pressing issue in the campaign, on whether we’re going for the Civil Rights Act.

SIEGEL: But it’s been one of the major developments in American history in the course of your life. I mean, do you think the ‘64 Civil Rights Act or the ADA for that matter were just overreaches and that business shouldn’t be bothered by people with the basis in law to sue them for redress?

Dr. PAUL: Right. I think a lot of things could be handled locally. For example, I think that we should try to do everything we can to allow for people with disabilities and handicaps. You know, we do it in our office with wheelchair ramps and things like that. I think if you have a two-story office and you hire someone who’s handicapped, it might be reasonable to let him have an office on the first floor rather than the government saying you have to have a $100,000 elevator. And I think when you get to the solutions like that, the more local the better, and the more common sense the decisions are, rather than having a federal government make those decisions.

You can agree or disagree, but there is nothing about his position that is racist. But of course that didn't stop the MSM from saying that opposition to Obamacare is racist or that calling him socialist is racist, or that protesting out of control spending is racist.

What we have learned, is that if you disagree with anything that the left is jamming down our throats, you are racist.

From Hot Air:

America’s leftists... have long considered it wrong for those on the right to oppose central government action on the principle of limiting the federal government to enumerated powers. But in the decades of my life, this point of contention has shifted from an honest political debate to the enforcement of a religious doctrine. No longer are logical arguments made from the left. Partisans of the left’s point of view merely express reflexive horror, demonize those making the limited-government argument, and invoke the horrible problem – whatever it is (or was) – as the evidence that it is essentially satanic to oppose doing the thing they propose to do about it. Logical and temperate discourse has no place in this dynamic; it is reminiscent mainly of fire-and-brimstone demagoguery.

This is not just a dangerous way to make law, it’s a way that must inevitably lead to greater and greater overreach. Nothing we do, nothing we are is protected from the federal government if we sit still for these elisions and ellipses in our observance of constitutional limits. Most of the first ten Amendments can be effectively abrogated – and the abrogation called due process of law – by the exercise of the “authority to regulate interstate commerce,” or by findings based on “privacy” and the Fourteenth Amendment, or by the exercise of eminent domain.

Letting the federal government overreach in its application of these concepts, first in one instance and then in another and another, is what has led to the individual purchase mandate for health insurance and the other assumptions of federal authority in Obamacare. Under the Obama executive and the current Congress, every effort is being made to extend that authority far beyond what most Americans consider appropriate, from centrally regulating the thermostat in your home to forcing the internet into the “common carrier” model of television and radio, so that content can be regulated by virtual channelization and access- or broadcast-licensing procedures. (Bloggers, that means you.)

Tacit, unexamined acceptance of federal authority to do these things is what Rand Paul is challenging. In 2010, he is the one asking people to think, rather than to merely repeat doctrinaire talking points taught to them since birth. His critics, on the other hand, sound like nothing so much as children reciting a catechism, and tsk-tsk-ing over those who don’t recite it in exactly the same way. That includes many of his critics on the right – who have agreed to be governed by a list of pieties that makes effective dissent from the left’s religious doctrine impossible.

As I have said before, The First Church of Fundamentalist Leftism IS a religion and one that is being increasingly enforced as a state religion, while all others (Islam possibly excepted) are silenced under the "freedom FROM religion" misreading of the Constitution's "freedom OF religion."

Any dissent from the one, true State religion, especially by them dang "Bible-clinging" idiots, must be crushed. No wonder the left doesn't get so bent over Islamofascism. Birds of a feather.

Day by Day (see their toons every day on the right sidebar)


Hitler had his brownshirts. The One has his purple shirts (SEIU).

They are the thugs, along with ACORN with whom they blend, that use violence and intimidation to further The Glorious Revolution to "fundamentally re-make America."

First they entered board meetings of lending institutions, surrounding them. They protested at banks. Members in the house and senate were told that they were racist if they didn't support lending for homes to those that could not afford it. So began our economic downfall.

They they put a man in the hospital at a Tea Party for selling "don't tread on me" flags, calling him the n-word as they beat him.

Now this:

Last Sunday, on a peaceful, sun-crisp afternoon, our toddler finally napping upstairs, my front yard exploded with 500 screaming, placard-waving strangers on a mission to intimidate my neighbor, Greg Baer. Baer is deputy general counsel for corporate law at Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500), a senior executive based in Washington, D.C. And that — in the minds of the organizers at the politically influential Service Employees International Union and a Chicago outfit called National Political Action — makes his family fair game.

Waving signs denouncing bank “greed,” hordes of invaders poured out of 14 school buses, up Baer’s steps, and onto his front porch. As bullhorns rattled with stories of debtor calls and foreclosed homes, Baer’s teenage son Jack — alone in the house — locked himself in the bathroom. “When are they going to leave?” Jack pleaded when I called to check on him…

Now this event would accurately be called a “protest” if it were taking place at, say, a bank or the U.S. Capitol. But when hundreds of loud and angry strangers are descending on your family, your children, and your home, a more apt description of this assemblage would be “mob.” Intimidation was the whole point of this exercise, and it worked-even on the police. A trio of officers who belatedly answered our calls confessed a fear that arrests might “incite” these trespassers. (via Hot Air)

Those would be the police that escorted the mob to the house.

And no, Der Messiah is not Hitler. He's not Lenin or Mao either. He's making his own brand of Totalitarianism. He's a creative guy....and smrt to boot! (jack boot, that is)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


He said we are "not defined by our borders."

It is a clear statement of being against NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

No surprise, as he has repeated said that he is a citizen of the world.

But tell me, how can ANYONE in the house and senate, that considers themselves an American, NOT move to impeach this one-world government tyrant?

Oh. Half of them are the same.

And if there is still any question, the DHS came out yesterday and said they may refuse to prosecute those found violating the federal law that they are sworn to uphold.

A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.

John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting on Wednesday with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper reports. (Fox)

Again, no surprise, as the president is sworn to uphold the Constitution that he holds in contempt.

Bye bye, America. You were RACIST, anyway.

Friday, May 21, 2010


There is no Democratic party anymore. There are only Republicans and post-modern Marxists in Washington.

That the Democrats would applaud a man on the floor trashing our nation is beyond an outrage.

Here is the absolute truth:


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You know, it happens so fast now, with so little coverage, and as isolated bits of info, that it's easy to miss.

The new Supreme Court nominee, Kagan:

...the Court asked Ms. Kagan’s deputy whether the government had the power to ban books if they were published by a corporation, and if the books urged the reader to support or defeat a candidate for office. He said yes, the government could ban a corporation from publishing a book — even if it only mentioned the candidate once in 500 pages. (Human Events)


a government brief signed by Kagan in United States v Stevens: “Whether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs.” (Washington Examiner)

Now from Breitbart, The One's "regulatory czar" talking about regulating internet content:

Huh. Funny how Our Glorious Leader came out the other day and said:

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations — none of which I know how to work — information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment — rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation. It is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy." (Fox)

Because he's, you know, such FIRM believer in long as it can be used to kill itself.

There are calls by his administration to take control of the internet.

He's made no secret of his Royal Irritation at critics being allowed to speak against this divine will. Always harpin' on Fox, etc. Besides Fox and talk radio, where is there any voice of dissent against his agenda? The internet. It must be stopped. Like all that he is doing, he is smart enough not to destroy freedom of speech directly. He instead lays the groundwork, bit by bit, and if you don't watch and think you can miss it. He's counting on it.


I debated awhile about putting this on. I KNOW there are good, Muslim people that can twist and ignore the evil parts of the Koran. After all, Christians ignore the Bible's injunction for slaves to obey their masters, right? And there are groups of Muslims opposed to any kind of violence in the name of their religion. And yet, I have read the "Politically Incorrect Book of Islam", enough of the Koran and the Suras to know that violence, lies and deceit towards those who will not submit to Allah are part and parcel of jihad and jihad is a commandment. Mohamed FOUNDED his religion on mass murder. Don't trust me, look for yourself.

Regardless, I decided to post this marine commander's amazingly candid answer to a reporters pointed question. Every word he says is true. Via Nickie Goomba:


In Londinistan, of course:

A Roman Catholic schoolgirl has been labelled a truant after she refused to wear a headscarf during a compulsory trip to a mosque. (Daily Mail)

So...are there compulsory trips to cathedrals? Do Muslim students have to wear a cross? I mean, in the interest of, as the school states, "understanding other cultures."

Of course not. Christians are evil. Muslims are just misunderstood good people. That don't say a word while jihadists run around the planet blowing people up.


Think I'm joking? It IS a religion. A state religion. The ONLY religion.
What HAPPY people do...and by "happy" I mean well en-slaved.


To the intelligencia, slavery=freedom, death=life, and eau d'poo is a fine french cologne.

So I wonder how this could possibly be?

The legion of examples (and my own experience in becoming a brainwashed too) are mere exceptions. Like this one: students were given class credit for protesting Arizona's law calling for the enforcement of the law, at Gateway Pundit (w/ video).

I believe the video was mis-labeled however. They painted swastikas on the American Flag and so clearly, this was a Tea Party protest. Ol' stretchy face told us that when she tearfully talked about people at tea parties:

"They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare." (Sweetness and Light)


First Holder:

Attorney General Eric Holder warned that Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law could lead to racial profiling and might prompt Latinos to stop cooperating with police. However, it emerged at a House hearing Thursday that Holder hasn't actually read the statute. "I have not had a chance to. I've glanced at it. I have not read it," (via Politico)

Yet he might sue Arizona.

Now, "the system worked" Napalitano:

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano admits she hasn't read the Arizona immigration law, but passed judgment on it anyway. "That's not the kind of law I would have signed," she declared. (Real Clear)

Apparently, in addition to being members of Mensa in good standing, the member of the Obamunist Regime have incredible psychic abilities far beyond the scope of mere mortals.

Just like they know, without evidence, that the Tea Party is racist.

Just like they know that calling The One's socialist agenda socialist, is racist.

And on, and on, and on.

Besides, why would they NEED to read the bill? All they know is that it is an attempt to enforce our borders and retain national sovereignty, both blatantly racist, anti-human actions.

As we have seen, those who support national sovereignty are completely crazy for pointing out that Der Messiah and his people are working to put in place structures for a one world government.

The dissenters are, after all, mere morals without the dizzying heights of kind spirituality brought about by the cult of The One and his flock. You'd HAVE to be crazy not to see the light of their noble intentions.

Stupid hicks.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Sufferin' succotash! They're self-destructin! At least according to WaPo (and I fear,"republicans"): Maine... the state Republican Party chucked its platform -- a sensible New England mix of free-market economics and conservation -- and adopted a manifesto of insanity: abolishing the Federal Reserve, calling global warming a "myth," sealing the border, and, as a final plank, fighting "efforts to create a one world government."
It's crazy! EVERYONE KNOWS that what the government/media tells you is the truth (well, at least for the moment, the truth being always in quotes and flexible depending on the "reality" you want to create at the moment. It's post-modernism. If you ain't got no college book learnin' you wouldn't understand. Ok, well, even if you did, you wouldn't understand, but you'd pretend that nonsense is rational thought so that you can feel real smrt n stuff.)

Global warming is a myth. And yet:

From CBS News via Breitbart TV comes some surprising news: a joint George Mason University and University of Texas survey of TV meteorologists in America reveals that while more than half (54 percent) believe global warming is happening, less than a third (31 percent) believe it is caused by human activity, specifically man-made carbon emissions as determined by the IPCC and others. (via First things.)

And to think that some craaaazy conspiracy theorists think the whole phony hullabaloo might be about something else like....I dunno....furthering the institution of a Marxist take-over of America and total control? Fools.

Sealing the border? Who needs to point out the insanity of that! It's just racist. As The One has repeatedly stated, we are "citizens of the world" before we are citizens of the United States. Borders and national sovereignty are artificial constructs...just like all the artificial borders I so loathed when I used to trip on acid. We are all, like, you know, ONE people and conventional reality is just a barrier to the ULTIMATE reality (formerly known as death).

As for the biggest loony outrage of these un-hinged redneck, nazi, racist, killers of bunny rabbits, the belief that a one world government is being built?

Global government. Redistribution of wealth.

But wait, there's more:

an executive order recently signed by President Barack Obama. Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425, signed December 16 and released a day later, grants the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) rights on American soil that place it beyond the reach of our own law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). (PJMedia)

Because if we're citizens of the WORLD, the world is the ultimate authority. So national sovereignty is intact...UNDER the dominance of the "world."

Didn't hear 'bout any of this? Just take 15 minutes a night. There's much more, but you won't find it in the MSM. Only craaaazy people like Beck and reputable, firmly backed reporting by bloggers tell you this stuff.

The republican party isn't coming "un-glued." It's coming back to the Constitution. Or it's gone.

To a confirmed Marxist, that's just craaaaazy.

In a final stroke of masterful brilliancy, the intellectual author of the WaPo piece invoked the boogey-man of (insert scary music here and in a Vincent Price voice:) CHRISTIANITY! Some of the people pointing out the obvious are of all things, CHRISTIAN! You know, people that follow the religion of our founders, that go around bombing and killing people every day in the name of their God and the institution of a Theocracy.... the ones forcing little children to wear bombs for Jesus?

The real enemies of America. Now I hope you'll all join me on the opening day of the new ground zero mosque in NYC on 9-11 in praying that those medieval, backwards, ignorant, murderous Christians will never complete their evil plan for the totalitarian destruction of our nation. That is the work to be done by the truly just, kind and caring left with the help of the fanatical followers of the religion of peace. Fight oppression! Fight America, and for God's sake (sorry, I mean Obama's sake), fight all un-approved religions the refuse to submit and be enslaved, be it by Islamofascists or by the First Church of Fundamentalist Post-Modern Marxism (CFPMM). They'll sort it all out when the Great Satan/Evil Imperialist, Racist Amerikkka is gone. Right now, theyboth wisely see the enemy of their enemy as their friend. The important thing is to kill this nation. First things first.

Don't like it? I am so SICK of haters like you!

Listen to the guy building the mosque right next to the 9-11 site set to open one when? 9-11, of course. In the Koran, this "technique" is called tayyia (deception) and kitman (lying by omission) to be used to subjugate unbelievers. WAKE. THE. HELL. UP.

I would love to live in Happy Gumdrop Land too...problem is, while you're in that K-hole and insensible to all but the lil' world in your head, you are easily offed.

I know. I know. Shut up so I can focus on American Idol. k. sorry.


From Bloomberg:
Greece is considering taking legal action against U.S. investment banks that might have contributed to the country’s debt crisis, Prime Minister George Papandreou said.
It wouldn't have had anything to do with their massive spending on entitlements without the money to pay for them? It wouldn't have anything to do with running out of other people's money to steal for them? It wouldn't have anything to do with the continuous, repeated failure of Marxism as a viable economic system?

No. It's eeeeevil America, you know, the country that is giving billions to the IMF to bail them out without them having changed the source of their problem.

And it goes without saying, it's also Bush's fault.

Look in the mirror, America. We're screwed if we don't get the Statists the hell OUT and stop the road that The One and his deluded minions have put us on to be in the same situation.

In a related note, I wonder why there is still an ammo shortage? Could it be that people want to be prepared for the collapse? I mean, the people that don't see sunshine and rainbows despite the tornado on the horizon. The stupid, hateful, nazi, racist, hicks n' stuff. Those people.

But....he has a gun. He hates people and hates the earth. And he don't talk right.
All reasons not to think about what he says and certainly not what is clearly visible in front of your eyes. Just take another bong hit and dream the disconnected dreams that have been put inside your head by the "smrt" people that make you feel so superior. Who can LIVE without such pathetic crutches to one's ego?

You are BETTER than than common sense. They don't call it "common" for nothing. Aren't you above all that? You rock!

Dumb farmer hicks! Just like the people that founded this nation.

THEY deserve to be protected. You? Not so much. Guns are for the government, even if that government ignores the Constitution. Ted Nugent on inconvenient reality number one:

as FBI crime reports and numerous law enforcement and academic studies conclude - is that more guns clearly equal less crime. Where there are more guns per capita, violent crime goes down, particularly crimes of assault, such as rape, burglary and robbery.

He accurately calls gun free zones "a felon's playground"

It is indeed Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's gun-ban dream of "gun-free zones" that have proved to be the guaranteed slaughter zones, where the most innocent lives are lost every time. Think Columbine, Virginia Tech, Lane Bryant, Northwest Illinois University, New Jersey, Salt Lake City and Omaha malls, Luby's Cafeteria, Calgary University, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Flight 93, the mayor's office in San Francisco, ad nauseam. Peace and love will get you killed, and unarmed helplessness is a welcome matt for evil. It's common sense unless, of course, your anthem goes "baaa ... baaa ... baaa."

And the inescapable truth - as FBI crime reports and numerous law enforcement and academic studies conclude - is that more guns clearly equal less crime. Where there are more guns per capita, violent crime goes down, particularly crimes of assault, such as rape, burglary and robbery. This is good. This is what the NRA stands for. Anti-gunners, not so much.

It is indeed Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's gun-ban dream of "gun-free zones" that have proved to be the guaranteed slaughter zones, where the most innocent lives are lost every time. Think Columbine, Virginia Tech, Lane Bryant, Northwest Illinois University, New Jersey, Salt Lake City and Omaha malls, Luby's Cafeteria, Calgary University, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Flight 93, the mayor's office in San Francisco, ad nauseam. Peace and love will get you killed, and unarmed helplessness is a welcome matt for evil. It's common sense unless, of course, your anthem goes "baaa ... baaa ... baaa."

So why in God's good name would any human being wish to force unarmed helplessness on another? That level of cruel indecency and forced victimization is incomprehensible to me...

Ted, Ted, Ted. Don't know you know that guns hurt people and that hurting people is always evil? Better to die on your rainbow unicorn in glorious self-rightousness than save your own life.
People suck anyhow. They are killing the earth by their mere existence! People are over-rated. Nothing but parasites. You HATE the earth and are not truly loving.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


I was un-aware of this epidemic. But then again, I stopped smoking pot long ago.

Whoopie, I-gotta-try-harder-because-I-look-like-a-deranged-gnome Goldberg schools us at Big Hollywood.

Oh, the evils of personal responsibility! Smash the state!


Damn, I wish HE was our first black president!

That's what the open borders crowd is essentially saying. If every nation- no scratch that, if THIS nation- doesn't open its borders to any and all without us having any say as to the amount or the status of those people, if we impose ANY kind of controls or responsibilities on their free movement and residence in this nation, we are BIGOTS.

The earth should be one, gray, amorphous mass with the richness and diversity of individual cultures being erased in the name of being "citizens of the world."

They should all embrace the First Church of Fundamentalist Liberalism as their one and only culture.

Bland. Boring. And to THINK that the people supporting this scenario hate McDonalds. Ironic.

Now as much as I dislike him, mostly for his bigoted anti-semitic comments (more irony), like all people, he's not all good or all bad. HERE, Pat Buchannan makes total sense:

...are the Japanese all bigots because they refuse to allow immigration? Countries all over the world restrict or forbid the kind of mass immigration we and Europe have embraced.

Does the desire of a people to preserve its unique and separate ethnic identity and cultural character, de facto, constitute bigotry?

Are the Israelis bigots because Bibi Netanyahu demands that in any peace agreement with Palestinians it be stipulated that Israel shall forever remain a Jewish nation? Are the Muslim Uighurs and Tibetans bigots because they want to end the migration of Han Chinese into their homelands, secede from China and set up ethnonational states of their own: East Turkestan and Tibet?

If "Africa for the Africans" was a wonderful slogan in the 1950s, why is "Britain for the Britons" a bigoted idea today? (Townhall)



In the words of Larry, "Forgive me Lord. And bless the starving pygmies in New Guinea."

I know I ain't right, but I cain't HELP it!

Beck is accosted by the NYTimes tool that called for him and Sarah Palin to be tried on charges of SEDITITION for DARING to disagree with the policies of The One True Risen Obamessiah:


Mr. Gutfeld
, if by chance you or your lawyers see this, PLEASE forgive my gratuitous reposting....I just can't help myself:

Okay, here’s my favorite headline of the day – no, make that year.

Take a look-see, for yourself, see.

Yes, the AP headline reads: “NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery.”

Yeah it’s only a mystery if you’re in the media, and really stupid. Everyone else pretty much understands why the terrorist left a fuel bomb in an area filled with families.

He hates us. He hate our country, our culture. He wants you dead.

But the media – an entity full of fragile egos and bubble-encased boobs – just can’t see that. In fact, it’s kinda awesome how huge and gaping their blind spot toward radical Islamic fundamentalism is. If only there could be other motives for the mayhem, so they’d never having to place blame on anything (except America, of course).

So I thought I’d help them out, and find motives the media could be comfortable with.

So why did Faisal Shahzad try to blow up Time Square?

-Obviously, Global Warming. The increasing temperature forced him to jog at night, and he found the sunlight oppressive. Plus, it made his beard itch.

He goes on with a long list of reasons, ending with

-Those evil tea partiers made of mockery of Islam with their delightful bacon and egg salad sandwiches.

I’ll stop there, because it really is the tea partier’s fault–for they created the climate of hate that only encouraged Shazhad’s actions In fact – I’d say the car bomb was a direct result of the tea partiers, the new Arizona immigration bill, Rush Limbaugh, offshore drilling, and of course, Fox News.

Because all that stuff is evil. Unlike, you know, real evil.

Why does the media do this? One, because they are religious zealots, much like bomber dude, where rational thought and the nose in front of their face do not apply. Two, because to admit what the real problem is, is to be made scared, or at least "un-comfortable" by the reality of it.

The REAL message of the 60's that has permeated the culture and has been imposed on the rest of the nation, is that one should be mellow and feel comfortable at all times. That's what drugs were for, and the number one goal in life, with or without drugs, is feeeeeeeling good at all times. Any thing that interferes with that is not only wrong, it's evil.

Baby must have her pacey firmly placed in her mouth 24/7 or she'll kick and scream at the terrible injustice. It doesn't matter if it's been pulled out as a prelude to being beheaded. I wan my pacy! I wan my pacey!

Hence our foreign policy. Hence the sizable minority that supports the all powerful State.

We are being run by 2 year olds with Hah-vahd degrees.

(disclaimer- I'm not immune to this impulse, I AM, after all, soaking in the culture, but I TRY to fight it and I know it for what it is)


You know, sometimes it feels pointless blogging on absurdity. I mean, if you are THAT clueless that you buy into every bit of insane BS fed to you by the MSM/government media, what's the point in even talking? And yet....I can't help myself. I have to remember that most people are too busy working their asses off and raising their kids to have time to seek out information not spoon-fed them by the dominant left wing media.

Beck's show with the panel of LEGAL immigrants brought up a good point.

If you have no respect for the law that says you must come here legally, you aren't likely to have respect for any other laws. Does it make sense to embrace people that see America as a whore to be used for free healthcare, food, housing and education because they feel that they have a right to slap who they see as "the bitch" because they once held Texas, etc way back in time? How far back should we go? The people that came over during the ice age were from what is now Russia. Does that mean America belongs to those long distant tribes? What about the people they conquered and displaced after humanity left Africa? Does that mean the whole damn planet belongs to Africa?

And how the hell is opposition to illegal immigrants make one anti-immigrant? We are ALL immigrants. On top of that, LEGAL immigrants are more important now than ever before, because, un-like those of us who have been here for generations, they truly appreciate what a great and unique nation this is. I would even go so far as to say that generally, they are better, more REAL Americans than those of us that have gotten complacent and have no clue about what has given us what we have and how we got it.

I live in a far-left liberal neighborhood and you know what local business is the most patriotic and appreciative? The guys from India that own the carry-out. Early in the morning you'll find them hangin with the good 'ol boy "rednecks" BSing, drinking coffee and hanging out. They embrace the "melting pot," and the good 'ol boys enjoy their company as kindred spirits.

But instead, we have violent, pro-illegal immigration protests full of signs that say, it's OUR country, not yours" covered in swastikas, and the Manchurian Moonbat of a President that flat out LIED about the situation:

"now suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that's something that could potentially happen." (cBS)

But the AZ law states:

"For any lawful stop, detention or arrest made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of this state or a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state in the enforcement of any other law or ordinance of a county, city or town in this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien and is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation." (politfact)

So no, you won't be hassled for getting ice cream. It's the same standard for stopping someone that has always applied. But as a well-educated, post-modernist, The One sees truth as something that everyone makes up on their own, and as a dedicated Saul Alinsky acolyte, "the ends justifies the means." Truth, integrity....those are only old-fashioned concepts only embraced by stupid, pick-up truck drivin' rednecks. Besides, the police are evil, just like Mom and Dad were when they tortured me by giving me a curfew when I was 16. Fight the power, maaaaan!

And you know what happens to me when I'm stopped by the police? They ask for my papers.

But then, I'm an American citizen. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have to.

In the end, the AZ law mirrors the federal law. It was only passed because the federal government, under Bush who was too chicken-sh*t, and The Obamunist, because he holds mere laws and the Constitution as hindrances to his Glorious Revolution, refused to enforce the existing federal laws.

Another instance proving that the States need to take their Constitutional powers back from the all-consuming STATE. Especially when the federal government abdicates it's primary purpose of defending our nation.

Friday, May 07, 2010


That is the question that the Intelligent One has been asking his advisers.
Such a mystery!
I know I'm just taking a shot in the dark, but maybe, just maybe it's their ideology.
I know. I just think that because I'm racist.

From Weasel Zippers:
Almost every week, often on a Tuesday, Obama heads into the White House Situation Room for a meeting that explores terrorism-related subjects in depth....

Obama often raises questions about what causes someone to become a terrorist.
He's the smartest president we ever had!

I guess when you are a member of the First Church of Fundamental Leftism and your rational thought is a slave to your emotions and ideology, real world be damned, it would be easy to be confused. The deep and meaningful insights gained from acid and bong hits in the 60's were so REAL....they can't be wrong! It was a deep and meaningful experience! How well I know... I was bamboozled too for most of my life. "The colors....oh the COLORS!"

The media has been all over the last attempted attack. He lost his house, his marriage failed, America didn't treat him right...ANYTHING but the real reason he tried to kill us: he was an Islamofascist. Bloomberg went as far as to guess that it was someone that didn't like Obamacare.

"Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything."
Those people have committed so many acts of violence that I guess that is an understandable conclusion...except they don't exist. And this from the mayor of NYC!!!!

Islamofascism is a religion without rationality....much like Der Messiah's. No wonder they seem to support each other. A common enemy: America. A common emotion: hatred. A common feeling of insecurity and low self-worth. A common lack of rational thought.

On top of that, even after the DHS's identification of "returning vets" "state's rights supporters" and others as PRIMARY threats to our nation, that was reviled and later "said" to be rescinded, we still hear people like
Rep. Andre Carson, via Big Governernment, speaking on the Tea Party protest :

KERRY PICKET (Wash. Times): Do you think the people outside are generally dangerous or no?

REP. CARSON: Oh absolutely. I worked in homeland security. I’m from intelligence, and I’ll tell you, one of the largest threats to our internal security…I mean terrorism has an Islamic face, but it really comes from racial supremacist groups. (inaudible) Its the kind of thing we keep a threat assessment on record [for].

PICKET: From groups like this?

REP. CARSON: Oh absolutely.


So it's no surprise that:
(In regards to the) Department of Homeland Security's Visa Security Program (VSP)...
President Barack Obama... is planning to freeze the program's budget for fiscal 2011." (American Thinker)
Because the REAL threat, is Tea Partiers. Just like the real threat to Stalin was his own people.

So to review: You want to keep the country safe and oppose the policies that are now causing Europe to implode, doing this within the system non-violently and within the Constitution? You're a terrorist. You want to kill as many Americans as possible because you're a radical Muslim? You're misunderstood and should be treated with sympathy.

I will NEVER get tired of the word's of Obama's self-described "spiritual mentor": "Goddamn America."


Wow. I got 59! But some of 'em.....WTH? If you are interested in my lil' blog for some reason I'd sure like to hear from you and know why. I mean, I got a Romanian ballerina (I think) that's all new age-y n' stuff and a libertarian (?) that is outraged by perceived slights to Marxists.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Any state that stands up for their rights, stands up to keep themselves safe, and believes in the rule of law ( the troglodites!) deserves ALL the support we can give them!

Scott Ott has started a Buy Arizona campaign. Some of the things you can buy that are made there:

Taste Arizona Gunslinger Smokin’ Hot Products

Swing a Ping Golf Club

Buy a Taser (but don’t Tase me, bro)

Get a Fender Guitar

Buy a doggy swimming pool, shaped like a bone, made from pickup truck bedliner material

Visit Arizona on Vacation or Business

Go to your local PetsMart (HQ in Phoenix)

Rent a U-Haul (HQ in Phoenix)

Move to Arizona (Re/Max Site)


• Allied Waste Industries

• America West Airlines

• American Flag & Pole Co.

• American Spirit Arms (Manufacturer of precision firearms)

• Arizona Artists

• Arizona Cardinals (Football)

• Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB Baseball)

• Arizona Highways (magazine)

• Best Western

• Bookmans (largest used book seller in AZ)

• Cerreta Fine Chocolates

• Candy's Apples (gourmet candied apples)

• Circle K (Convenience Store)

• CSK Auto (Checker Auto Parts, Schucks Auto Supply, Kragen Auto Parts, Murray's Discount Auto Stores)

• Clear Channel Outdoor

• Cold Stone Creamery

• Dial

• Discount Tire Company

Eleanor Joseph Confections (truffles & more!)

• Fairytale Brownies

• Fender Music Instruments

• Flight Miniatures (model aircraft)

• Grand Canyon Airlines

• (green corporate consulting)

• Greyhound Corp.

• GoDaddy

• Harkins Theatres

• Hollycake (Letterpress Stationery)

• Hopi Market

• Kona Grill

• Knight Transportation

• Lifelock

• Massage Envy

• Mesa Air Group (Mesa Airliines, Go!, Freedom Airlines)

• McClendon's Select (mail order organic fruit and honey)

• M. R. Designs & Gifts (Gift Baskets)

• My Computer Works (Scottsdale. Online computer repair)

• Navajo Fine Jewelry & Collectibles

• PF Changs

• Ping (Golf)

• Phoenix Coyotes (NHL Hockey)

• PetSmart

• Poore Brothers Pototo Chips

• Protégé Sports

• Ramada Hotels

• Robar (firearms & accessories)

• Set Enterprises (board games & brain puzzles)

• Seven Sisters Sweet Shop and Chocolate

• Sky Mall

• Surf City Squeeze

• Taser International

• U-Haul

• University of Phoenix

• US Airways