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Six Meat Buffet
has posted the definition of fascism from The Holocaust Dictionary:

“(Fascism) was a type of original, modern thought that reflected change and the need for something new and different amongst the young people of Europe, who disdained their parents’ middle class values.”

There is no disdain for middle class values in America, right? And the young people didn’t like Barack Obama at all. And “change”? That wasn’t even in the official language of the presidential campaign.

Fascism tries to create a new civilization, based on the total community, in which all sectors and classes of the population will find their niche. As a result, the nation will be revitalized and strengthened, and each individual will be nothing more than a cell in the communal organism.

There is no attempt in the current administration to make a “total community” where “all sectors of the population will find their niche”. And this administration certainly doesn’t publicly ridicule and threaten the lives or incomes of specific individual citizens who disagree, ask too many questions, or don’t fall in line.

Fascism even poses as a type of spiritual revolution.

Spiritual revolution?! Nah. It’s not like schoolchildren are singing hymns to him or anything.

Fascism came up with two tools that would help maintain “the unity of the nation”—corporatism and totalitarianism. In a corporative state, a country’s political, social, and economic power is held by a group of corporations, made up both of employers and employees. This group of corporations plans the economy and settles differences between social classes. In a totalitarian state, the government has total control over and can intervene in every aspect of an individual’s life. Using these two instruments, the nation would easily be maintained as the highest ideal.

There’s no move in our country for the government to have that much control over a few corporations who are too big to fail. UPDATE: WOW.

According to Fascist ideology, the nation will not become a completed unit as long as the working class is not assimilated into it, and until a way is found to harness each individual in a joint effort to achieve the common good. Fascism is also a reflection of certain values of the time: namely, emotions and spontaneity as opposed to reason—reason being the basis of democratic thought. In Fascism, the idea that emotions and the subconscious are more important in politics than reason is totally acceptable.

We’re a way too rational, civilized and mature society to fall for that bull.

Even if it's happening right before our faces, it can't happen here, right?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks to Six Meat Buffet:

The MANDATORY VOLUNTEERISM part of this bill is not gone, they just moved it to house bill HR 1444. The bill text is here. The mandatory language and “four year service academy” language are all back.

Find and call your reps here.

UPDATE: It passed. The Government can now force your kids into mandatory "service."

Added to the bill in the Senate version, from Gateway Pundit:

The Senate on Friday killed an amendment that would exclude funding for ACORN in Obama's Youth Brigades bill (53-43). The Senate bill will provide "$5.7 billion to aid 250,000 volunteers across the country in the arenas of health care, energy, environment and education."

It also bans any expression of religion, other than Fundamentalist Liberalism, the religion that will be taught and enforced. (image link)


(via Bookworm Room)

I sure LOVE me some art!

HE'S THE NEW LINCOLN!.....wait....what???

(image via Pookie)
(revised, post-election devotional image)

(from Pookie's Tunes)


Stuart Rojstaczer has studied education and grading through time. He finds the quality has gone down while the grades have gone up.

These changes in grading have had a profound influence on college life and learning. When students walk into a classroom knowing that they can go through the motions and get a B+ or better, that's what they tend to do, give minimal effort.

Our college classrooms are filled with students who do not prepare for class. Many study less than 10 hours a week – that's less than half the hours they spent studying 40 years ago. Paradoxically, students are spending more and more money for an education that seems to deliver less and less content.

With so few hours filled with learning, boredom sets in and students have to find something to pass the time. Instead of learning, they drink.

A recent survey of more than 30,000 first year students across the country showed that nearly half were spending more hours drinking than they were studying.

I can tell you this, I regularly come in contact with teaching students. Few of them have any idea how to form a question, speak coherently or find any kind of information on their own. They can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag....and yet.....THESE are the people that will be teaching our kids!

Its no coincidence that The Obamunist worked the youth vote so hard. Citizens with little to no knowledge of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and American history, but with a boatload of knowledge about how oppressed every one is and a belief in our country as an awful evil- those are the people to target to vote for Mr. Smiley Blank-Screen!

Thomas Jefferson said:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be…if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

To lay the groundwork for the confiscation of our freedom and our money, we have a generation that was willfully uneducated about the fundamentals of our nation and history and taught of only our mistakes, mistakes that were magnifed and identified as our essence. Time for change, huh kids!?


Its from ~1944....but still.....

From Rizzuto at Conservative Punk:

Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 - December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America . He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1911.

As a candidate for President of the U. S., Norman Thomas said, in a 1944 epoch speech:
"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism", they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." He went on to say: "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform."
They did a pretty good job, huh?

He painted the Marines as war-criminals, falsely accused them and then refused to apologize when his accusations proved baseless. Like the majority of the left, this is what he means by "supporting the troops."

So he gets honored with a military award.

What next? John Wayne Gacy getting a Child-care Provider of the Year Award?


Dr Sanity:

The do-gooder leftist in all the various ideological incarnations--the antiwar crowd, the environmental crowd, the communists, socialists, and assorted collectivists--offers the rationale that he does what he does for the "common good" and for "social justice", "peace" and "brotherhood". His high-minded, self-righteous rhetoric justifies (to him anyway) imposing his will and beliefs on others for their own good; and he will not hesitate to use whatever coercive capablity he has at hand to get others to do what he wants and what he says.

The capitalist, on the other hand, is overtly out to pursue his own selfish profit, and understands he must use persuasion. That is, he must convince people that his ideas and the products of his mind are better than all the rest so that they will be willing to part with their hard-earned money to possess them. His desire for power over others is manifested in an indirect manner because people must want what he has to offer and believe that they will benefit from an interaction with him.

She sums it up pretty well, doncha think?

The image is from what, if I were a fascist (or an indoctrination specialist in a school), would be required reading, Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Fortunately, all I can do is try to persuade you to read it!

This is so happy and 80's-perky! EVERYBODY DANCE!



From ABC's debate on the devil:

(Deepak) Chopra...said that "Healthy people do not have any need for Satan. Healthy people need to confront their own issues, understand themselves and move towards the direction of compassion, creativity, understanding, context, insight, inspiration, revelation and understanding that we are part of an ineffable mystery. …So I would say be done with Satan and confront your own issues."

"The point is how come we have these ideas that are so mythical, that are so primitive?" Chopra continued. "Why don't we understand that so-called evil is a part of ourselves? Annie said it so elegantly when she said, 'I was full of guilt... of shame.' That's what she's confronted. Now you want to put that guilt and shame to some mythical identity out there, and yet you did that, but then you took responsibility for your own self. Why don't you give the credit to you, rather than, you know, to some mythical figures out there that came from the outside as forces?"

Because to Chopra and so many other new-age loons, there IS nothing beyond oneself.

The idea that any being could exist both outside and as part of oneself, well, that's just crazy talk.
And people wonder why we have become so narcissistic and why we've become so atomized.

(Dr. Sanity, btw, has an excellent piece on MALIGNANT NARCISSISM - Sociopathic Selfishness and Sociopathic Selflessness, here)

He continued:

And the most fervent believers in the world are the cause of all the problems in the world right now, OK?"

Uh...Marxism is atheist. But of course, silly me, that is not a problem! Only killed more than ten times as many people as Christians did in the name of their religion in their entire history and one of its followers is gleefully destroying our nation (see What's So Great About Christianity), but I digress....

"Any image of God is a limitation because if God is infinite then God is beyond your imagination because you cannot imagine the infinite. For you to define God and give him these simple qualities is to actually limit God...

Here's the thing: WE are NOT transcendent here on earth. WE only have the option to see in HUMAN terms using the human mind. We see God and the devil. To pretend to be able to see beyond our limitations is arrogant phony foolishness that ultimately leads to evil. And speaking of which, Mark Driscoll (who I definitely have issues with, btw), uttered the ultimate heresy to fundamentalist liberal religion:

"For there to be virtue, there must be the possibility of vice and that's what distinguishes those of us, people and angels, from other forms of creation, trees, animals and the like," he said. "I think if you don't allow choice, the theologians will say you don't have love."

You don't have freedom either. But that's not a problem to the left. Its the government's job to take away freedom to fail, freedom to live ineffectively, freedom to say bad things and enforce virtue through dominance of the all-powerful state.

THAT is not virtue at all. It's evil.


Tipped off reading Conservative Black Woman, I found this from A Patriotic American Speaks:

Since he has taken office, he has completely mind-screwed Americans with his misguided and poorly-implemented policies. Pelosi and Reid, flanked by Schumer and Frank, are the Four Horsemen of the Barackalypse. All five of them are behaving like hippies who have locked themselves in a head shop. Each is lighting up their personal stashes of ideological weed using every bong they see. They are lost in a haze of self-indulgence that obscures their criminality from passersby standing just outside the head shop window.

Barack and his posse of scorched earth politicans are up to something and this doesn’t portend well for this country.

Read the whole thing.


The Moonbat attacks on miliary recruiters continue, and why not? We have a president that shares their views now.

BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE SO HOMOPHOBIC AND HATEFUL had two actors act as nelly and flamboyant as possible, lovin' and kissin' on one another and even planted a pretend homophobe to try to stir people up, in a sports bar, all in the hopes of instigating a gay bashing.

Didn't work.

As a matter of fact, people got annoyed with the pretend homophobe and were telling him to shut the hell up.

God, this country is full of haters!

I like Cassy Fiano's comments:

It’s funny, because it wasn’t until ABC had the gay couple amp up the PDA that there was one person — one, out of their entire experiment — that started to complain. And why wouldn’t he? Gay or straight, it’s incredibly annoying to watch a couple make out in a public setting. And then ABC used it as an example of this man’s “homophobia”, even though there was not one patron who objected to the gay couple’s presence until ABC told them to amp up their affections to obnoxious levels unacceptable and inappropriate for any couple, gay or straight.

Now, if ABC wanted to see real intolerance, all they’d need to do is go to a city that’s a bastion of liberal thought… like, say, San Francisco or Berkeley. Go to San Francisco wearing a shirt supportive of President Bush and openly talk about how you support the military and the war in Iraq. Go to Berkeley and tell the hippies that the Marines should stay there and that they’re performing a valuable service. Go to any left-leaning city and talk about conservative values, and then you’ll see some strong, hateful intolerance.
Well, hold on there, Cassy! That's not intolerance. That's caring and tryin' to help people! Sorta like the vids of these folks you posted about as well. L. U. V.!


National soverienty is one of those inconvenient things that will have to be changed by Jugears McMarxist. As he says over and over, we are "citizens of the world," and as we have seen, the real reason for the now discredited global warming hoax is that it necessitates a one world government.

From Fox:

A United Nations document on "climate change" that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes — all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations "information note" on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an "effective framework" for dealing with global warming.

Goddam America. We are the world! (image via Obama WTF)

BTW, there is also a push to form a one-world currency controlled by the IMF. Might want to call in support of this:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has introduced legislation that would "bar the dollar from being replace by any foreign currency." (The Hills)


...because we are evil, evil people.
What else can explain this new bit of lunacy:

...the Obama administration is still wrestling with what to do with the remaining 240 detainees at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which the president has ordered closed.

Some of the detainees, deemed non-threatening, may be released into the United States as free men, Blair confirmed.

Blair said the former prisoners would have [to] get some sort of assistance to start their new lives in the United States. (The Weekly Standard)

Lessee...violent men that have sworn to destroy America, set free in America and given welfare to help them do the job of killing us.

Really, is there any way at all to escape the conclusion that destroying America is the heart of Der Messiah's agenda?

(image link)


I really need to stop watching Fox and Friends first thing in the morning or I'm gonna end up with a heart attack.

My blearing eyes watched a congressman questioning Geitner about he and Der Messiah's plans to take over any company they say is in trouble and that they say is "too big to fail." He was questioning him on their plans to dictate executive pay as well. Here's what I heard:

"Do you realize how radical your proposal is?" Rep. Donald Manzullo (R-Ill.) asked.

"It's not radical. . ." Geither began, before Manzullo interrupted him.

"You're talking about seizing private businesses and you don't consider that radical?" Manzullo replied, his voice rising. (Washington Post)

Government confiscation of private businesses is not radical.
Destroying and remaking America as a Marxist state is not radical.

But of course we should not be surprised. As we learned during the election, Bill Ayers and the Rev. Wright are not radical either.

Neither is governing according to Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."
"Rules for Radicals" is not radical.

In other news, the Easter Bunny is Santa Claus.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Reflecting on the campaign, Palin said there were "a variety of reasons" Republicans lost in November, namely the faltering economy, but she seemed to place most of the blame on the press.

"Some in the media actually participated in not so much the 'who-what-where-when-why' objective reporting on candidates and positions, those five W's that I learned when I had a journalism degree so many years ago in college, when the world of journalism was quite different than it is today," she said.

"No, things have changed," she continued. "But complaining? Or whining? Absolutely not. But I am going to call it like I see it. It doesn't do any good to whine about any of this. But I can call it like I see it. Sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble when I speak candidly, and I speak from the heart and I do such a thing. But I am going to."

"And there was that media slant this go round," she said. "And unless things change, the GOP had really better can stand together, 'cause we got that on the battlefield also. I call it like I see it and like I lived it on the campaign trail. Not complaining, but dealing with reality." (link)


No wonder the left is so terrified of her. Quake in yer boots, bitches!


The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a sweeping plan to overhaul financial regulation, government officials said. (NYTimes)

Government ownership, not private. For our own good, of course. Now where have we seen this before?

"We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

That wacky Adolf!

And a couple planks of the National Socialist German Worker's Party (link) :

11. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.

13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts).

I'm just sayin'.....

(image from Pookie)


Dennis Prager asks a good question:

Given the amount the human suffering Communists have caused - 70 million killed in China, 20-30 million in the former Soviet Union, and almost one-third of all Cambodians; the decimation of Tibetan and Chinese culture; totalitarian enslavement of North Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russians; a generation deprived of human rights in Cuba; and much more — why is "Communist" so much less a term of revulsion than "Nazi?"

Further, why are Christians supposed to be so evil because of the Inquisition etc, when, as is pointed out in Dinesh D'Souza's excellent book, What's so Great About Christianity, the atheism of Communism killed more than 10 times as many people despite its being in existence for a mere hundred years or so?

Check his answer in the Jewish World Review.

That fact that someone in Londinistan, of all places, had the guts to say this stuff, really gives me hope (as opposed to chope).


Horrible racist cops got a man that shot and KILLED 4 of them. Understandably, an outraged protest was organized to point out the obvious, state-sponsored violence used against this murderer...I mean victim.

Completely. Insane.

More on this at Gateway Pundit.

The election is over and they are going after Sarah Palin with everything they have.
Why so scared?

Monday, March 23, 2009


Yes, they are out there, pestering people to sign pledges of loyalty to Der Messiah. The Other McCain has posted this handy list of what to do if they come to your home:
  • Be welcoming and friendly. "Oh, I'm so glad you came by!" Invite them in, ask them to have a seat. Be the gracious host and offer them snacks and beverages. Assure them that you will do anything to help Obama.
  • Remember your Prime Objectives. Your objectives are (a) to waste the maximum amount of the Obamanoid volunteer's time, and (b) to ensure that, when they eventually leave, they are as demoralized as possible. Only by intense concentration on these twin objectives can you be fully successful.
  • Assure them that you are a loyal Democrat who voted for Obama. The fact that your address is on their clipboard list means that somehow, somewhere along the line, you clicked a link or signed up for something that makes them think you're one of them. Do nothing to spoil this valuable illusion.
  • Express extreme disappointment with the president's disastrous beginning in office. You are disappointed -- nay, you are heartbroken beyond words -- by Obama's failure to fulfill his campaign promises of balancing the budget, cutting taxes, etc. You sincerely admire Obama, but are certain that there must be some bad advisors at the White House, or some evil influences among congressional Democrats, who have led Your Dear Leader astray. (Bonus points for you ladies if you can actually work yourself into a crying jag.)
  • Draw them out. When you mourn that Obama is destroying the Democratic Party (and remind them again that you have devoted your life to being a loyal Democrat, of course) the Obamanoids will protest to the contrary. Let them talk. Hear them out. Waste their time. Engage them. "Let me get you some more sweet tea, dear . . ." And then find some new angle of attack.
  • Be specific. Try to point out specific instances of Obama policies that will hurt women, minorities, the elderly, gays, etc. If you've got an elderly relative who's had his retirement savings wiped out by the market decline, make sure you blame Obama for that, and don't let the clipboard carriers persuade you that it's all Bush's fault.
  • Know where to put the knife. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will guarantee a long rant from an Obamanoid as much as when you compare Obama to George W. Bush. "I can't believe it! I've been a Democrat all my life, and I never thought I'd live to see a Democrat president doing this to decent, hard-working Democrats like me. He's ruining my life! It's like he's a closet Republican or something. He's just like that damn George Bush!"
  • Save your best for last. When, after you have wasted as much of his time as possible, the Obamanoid finally looks at his watch and says he must leave, be apologetic. "I'm sorry if I've been a little negative." Try to get the Obamanoid's contact information, "just in case I need to talk to you again." And as you walk them to the door, express regret that they are being "forced to work for those damned bastards" who have backstabbed Obama and are destroying the Democratic Party that you have supported your entire life. And then . . .

"Uh, by the way, dearie . . . how much are the Democrats paying you to do this? . . . Volunteer? You mean you're doing this for nothing? When that idiot Tim Geithner is giving all those billions of dollars to those greedy Republican bankers and Wall Street fat cats? Oh, how can they do this to a loyal Democrat like you? Those heartless sellout bastards."

Good luck and Godspeed.


(image from The People's Cube)

Check him out
- the CPAC interviews were killin me!


What was a huge factor that started our whole financial mess?

Fannie and Freddie lending like crazy, even to those who could not afford it.

What does the Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, think should happen to help us get out of it?

Fannie and Freddie lending like crazy.

(ba dum DUMP!) a guy gets shot in the head. "Oh, doctor! We must save him! Whatever shall we do?"
The doctor says, "I know! Let's shoot him in the head!"

Somebody please....shoot me in the head!

From Powerline:
I feel utterly powerless to do anything about the fellow in the Oval Office who combines infantile leftism and adolescent grandiosity in roughly equal measures. It seems to me that every day he is responsible for assaults on the freedom and well being of the American people. I can't keep up and I can't stand to pay attention.

His aim seems to be to reduce us to government dependents. His inattention to rehabilitation of the financial system in lieu of vastly expanding the size and scope of the government is a dead giveaway, as is his lack of concern over the vast destruction of wealth his policies are working (and will continue to work).

Perhaps most depressing to me is the manifestation of his adolescent grandiosity in his stewardship of foreign policy and national security. He doesn't understand that the government of Iran is intent on acquiring nuclear weapons it can put to evil purposes. He thinks he can sweet-talk them out of achieving this objective.

He doesn't understand that the government of Iran is a tyranny that oppresses the Iranian people. He thus addresses the mad mullahs as though they represent the people of Iran.

Bruce Kesler, at Maggie's Farm, counters that depressive theme:

No doubt, we’re in a mess, both of our own making and by others, and many in our political and societal elite are making it worse, with potential dire consequences. Still, one must recognize the resilient strengths we have. Forty-eight percent did not vote for Obama, despite a perfect-storm in his favor, and current polling shows him losing support, and even his allied media are having to take some notice of his excesses and lackings. The US is emerging from this economic calamity relatively stronger than other countries. The positive trend-line in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere that was hard-earned under Bush has not been abandoned by Obama, though it may become weakened. Ordinary Americans are buckling down in their personal affairs and continuing to achieve for themselves, society, and our futures.
And this, from Robert A. Hall at Old Jarhead:

One view is to give up. Say to hell with it. Try to have as happy a life as you and your family can. Ignore them, and ignore politics as best you can...


Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. –Pericles ...

There are things each of us can do. Here are a few (you may think of more):

1. Vote. As Robert Heinlein’s character Lazarus Long says in his great novel Time Enough for Love, “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for…but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong. If this is too blind for your taste, consult some well-meaning fool (there is always one around) and ask his advice. Then vote the other way. This enables you to be a good citizen (if such is your wish) without spending the enormous amount of time on it that truly intelligent exercise of franchise requires.”

And if you vote for or against a candidate just because of party, gender, race, age, ethnicity or sexual preference, than you are an idiot. Contrary to what many readers off my blog apparently think, I don’t vote for or support everyone who puts an “R” in from of his or her name. If President Obama changes his party to Republican tomorrow, it doesn’t guarantee he’ll get my vote. Choose your candidates on the basis on their character, their experience, their ability and their positions on key issues (and know that you won’t agree with anyone 100% of the time.)

2. Work on Campaigns. Find good candidates, regardless of party. (Even minor party candidates can help articulate issues. The Socialist Normal Thomas never won an election, but his ideas are sure popular today!) Contribute money if you can. Contribute time. Put on a bumper sticker. Put up a lawn sign. Stuff envelopes. Distribute literature. Go door to door. A few volunteers really can make a difference. (I won my senate seat by 9 votes out of over 60,000 cast.)

3. Write. Write letters to your state and federal legislators. Keep them short, and focused on one or two issues (they get filed by issue). Due to terrorism concerns, letters get through faster when sent to the district offices of Federal legislators.

And if you are going to join the “Tea Bag” protest, you should probably send just the tag from the bag. The full bag will probably be discarded by the screeners, on the theory it might contain anthrax. Or nuclear waste. Or common sense.

Write to people on your e-mailing list. Write your thoughts and post them on blogs. Write to the newspaper.

4. Speak. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Get them interested and involved in the issues. Go to meetings and speak out. Bring people together to discuss the issues. Support each other.

5. Educate yourself. Read all you can. There are a lot of uninformed ideas floating around, and they aren’t all on the left, friends. Understand economics by reading Dr. Thomas Sowell’s terrific book, Basic Economic. (He has other great ones as well.) Understand what the demographics tell us about the future of both the West and the welfare state by reading America Alone by Mark Steyn. Read as much as you can.

6. Avoid profanity, name-calling and racism. Leave that to the left. You may think that an e-mail referring to the President as a “Lawn Jockey” is funny, but it plays into his hands, as he can go on portraying himself as a victim of racism, despite holding the highest office in the land. We do not oppose the President because of his racial heritage. We oppose him because we believe that a massive government and a centrally controlled economy destroy freedom, and lead to economic disaster and collapse. We do not oppose what has happened in Zimbabwe and is happening in South Africa because we support “White Rule” while liberals support “Black Rule.” We support “Competent Rule.” The left supporting incompetent rule because it was by blacks has killed millions of black people. That is evil.

7. Teach. Teach your children and others who look to you that hard work matters. That individual responsibility matters. That integrity matters. That involvement in community affairs matters. That education matters. That helping the less fortunate through charity and private organizations matters. That service in our armed forces matters. That they shouldn’t be embarrassed to love their country openly. And remember that example is the best teaching tool.

8. Laugh a lot. Be cheerful. Keep a positive attitude. I may be a pessimist by policy but I’m an optimist by temperament. Work hard. Love your family. Participate at your place of worship and in community groups. Try to focus on the good things in your life. This country has faced down great challenges before. We may again, if we who love her work together, support each other, and fight hard.

We must win. If America goes down, there’s no place to run to.

HOPE not chope!


Emperor Misha from Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler tells him in an open letter:

In two short months, you have managed, through your stellar incompetence, to set back race relations by at least five decades and you have placed our economy in a place that it has not known for 7. You have reduced our international standing from the point where we, though envied far and wide, were feared and respected to the point where we are now nothing more than a banana republic that even the puniest of world powers have no trepidations about harassing, provoking and challenging our military anywhere they are to be found. You have reduced us from being the world’s sole remaining hyperpower to a laughing stock. All in two months.

But, most importantly, you have and are continuing to prove everything that the voting populace has ever thought about politicians: that you are venal, corrupt. self-centered and utterly useless in the great scheme of things.

You have achieved, in two months, what decades of hard work by us liberty-minded individuals have failed to do, which is to convince the general population that nothing coming out of the swamp of D.C. can possibly be good.

No wonder he was laughing like a loon during this recent interview!

(image via The People's Cube)


I posted earlier about Jugears McMarxist's Secretary of Homeland Security officially changing the word "terrorism" to "man-caused disasters"

Ernie Mannix at Big Hollywood is getting with the new 1984 world and adding to the list:

Murderer = Overpopulation assistant

Criminal = Alternative life economist

Child abandonment = Remote Parenting

Car-jacking = Automotive redistribution

Enemy Combatants = Displaced Freedom Fighters

Bank Robber = Stimulation recipient

Memorizing his list now will shorten the amount of time you will have to spend in re-education camp later! Just tryin' to help....

First he insults Britain, blows them off and treats 'em like nothing. Gives the PM a bunch of CD's, useless because they are not formatted for that country. Then his spokesman tells them not to be so upity about all this because they're "just another country." Oh, and he sends back the bust of Churchill that has been in the White House for years. Thanks but no thanks! (Of course, he's bendin over double ass-kissing Iran, Chavez and other dictatorial regimes. With them its a regular love fest!) As is pointed out at Bookworm Room:

so far, Obama has offended the Brits, offended Israel, offended Brazil, offended Poland and the Czech Republic

Now this (from Free Republic):

Obama sent a letter to Chirac, saying he looks forward to working with him the next four years. Le Figaro, French newspaper is horrified at the faux pas. Doesn't Obama ever consult his staff before acting? Sarkozy is the President there! It's like Sarko writing to George Bush and saying he looks forward to working with him. Chirac is the FORMER president.

HA HA HA HA.....

What a Jackass.

But then again, if I had bamboozled a whole bunch of suckers into letting me destroy the country so that I could rebuild it as a Totalitarian Marxist state, I'd be laughin' too.

As he has said, this mess is a dream come true for him!


Remind him or her that this is NOT 1930's Germany....yet.

Der Messiah's Brownshirt bill has passed the house and Harry Reid is trying to get this thing rammed through tonight. It is BILL S.3577.

See post below for the nightmare unfolding.

For a taste of what this means- look what is already going on. This is a video from OFA, training volunteers to go door to door to get people to PLEDGE LOYALTY TO OBAMA. No, I am not kidding. Check the story at Hot Air.


Michael Goodwin:

We should all be very afraid. Class warfare is mere predicate for a witch hunt that, once unleashed, will not stop with misbegotten wealth. It will punish success and stifle innovation. Dissent will invite dishonor.

That Congress is a gang of cheap connivers is not news. Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, Charles Grassley, Barney Frank - they have been national embarrassments for years.

But now they are dangerous, emboldened by public fear and anger. They know nothing, but have power and smell opportunity for more.

Missing in action is the Barack Obama who vowed to unite the country around common values. Lately he has been the very opposite of the man he promised. Instead of hope, many have a growing fear of the arrogant government he leads.

Obama is smart, quick and charming, and, as he showed on "The Tonight Show," owner of a thousand-watt smile he can deploy at will. He silkily manages to make the ridiculous sound reasonable. When he insults the Special Olympics, he is forgiven.

Yet even "Tonight" host Jay Leno broke from full flattery to reveal his qualms about the meaning of the bonus tax. "Here's something that kind of scared me," he said. "If the government decides they don't like a guy, all of a sudden, hey, we're going to tax you and then, boom, and it passes."

Obama brushed it off, part of an endless road show claim that he will bring back "common sense" to the financial system and restore "those values that built America."

If only. In truth, there is no history for what he is doing. He is the most radical President of our times, far outside the mainstream of our political philosophy.

He is not a reformer who fixes things. He fancies himself "transformative," a man who reshapes and reorders. It apparently begins with smashing the existing order under the pretext of managing the crisis he inherited.

During the campaign, a fellow journalist confided that "I know Obama is a Manchurian candidate, I just can't figure out what for."

I laughed then, but no more. Obama represents a secular religion that believes, no matter the malady, Washington is the antidote. More government is the chicken soup of his tribe.

It is an illusion of many Republicans and Democrats that Washington can successfully manage the economy and our lives. Our institutions and culture are too big, too diverse and too unruly to be run like a banana republic.

Yet the economic mess has robbed the nation of its confidence, and the vacuum is being filled by politicians bearing promises and borrowed dollars. The true cost of this "help" will come later, with back-breaking debt and a lack of growth and opportunity.

We can't say we haven't been warned. "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad" is more than folklore. It predicts our fate if we follow the government mob.

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(from The Right Reasons)

(from Major Tomovich at The People's Cube)


...that's been tainted with e coli, that is.

The One is so cool, soothing and....phony. Watch how our favorite sociopathic genius does his work. From John Hawkins on The Obamunist's 60 minutes creep-fest:

if you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And if you’re a politician like Barack Obama, who has gotten everything he has in life by being slick and sounding confident, every problem looks like something that can just be talked away...

Each time Obama got a tough question, he did what sociopathic politicians have done for decades: he lied, dodged, and talked out of both sides of his mouth. The best example of that was near the beginning of the interview when Steve Kroft asked Obama about the AIG bonuses.

Was Obama surprised by the hostility to the AIG bonuses. His answer?

I wasn’t surprised by it. Our team wasn’t surprised by it.

Well, that begs the question: if the Obama administration wasn’t surprised by the furor, why did they work with Chris Dodd to safeguard the bonuses that were in the bill? It just makes no sense. What does Obama expect us to believe? That he thought it would be cathartic for Americans to yell in outrage at his incompetence, so his administration made sure the bonuses, the same ones he later criticized, were included in the stimulus for that reason? These are the sort of very obvious bald-faced lies that Democrats like Barack Obama are perpetually allowed to get away with by sympathetic liberal reporters who don’t want to make “their side” look bad.

If you're just listening to the sound of his voice, looking at his reassuring smirk and you're busy patting yourself on the back for being one of the "good ones" that gave a totalitarian Marxist free run of the government, you'd never notice that you are being used and lied to.

The Virginian puts well what some on the center/left are beginning to wake up to:

They expected a conventional Liberal who would do more for the environment, spend a little more money on welfare, make race based preferences a little more explicit.

Instead they got a smooth talking Chicago street thug who's a full blown Marxist who is so radical that he's splitting the country in two or more pieces. Someone who blew right past billions in spending so that our smallest budget numbers are now denominated in trillions.

They are Dr, Frankenstein and they have just lost control of the experiment.

I don't know how I could live with the knowledge that I helped build that monster.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


More than 4,000 people gathered yesterday at the Orlando Tea Party protest.
More than 200 turned out in Raleigh.
300 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
1,200 turned out in Lexington, Kentucky.

Meanwhile, Tax Day Tea Party planning is in full swing. (Gateway Pundit)

How much coverage did they get? Zero. But you can bet if was a protest for differently-abled gay muslim aardvarks it would be page one. Thousands and thousands of people fed up with being used, stolen from and lied to are just no big deal. Doesn't fit The One's narrative and so must be ignored or crushed. Good thing he doesnt have his Civilian Defense Army brownshirts yet! Get out there while you still can!

Talk it up about April 15th. Eventually there will be enough people and enough new media coverage to force them to acknowledge us.


Senator Judd Gregg, who withdrew his name for The Obamunist's commerce secretary because...well he's not a suicidal idiot, had this to say about The One's plans for the economy:

“The practical implications of this is bankruptcy for the United States,” Gregg said of the Obama’s administration’s recently released budget blueprint. “There’s no other way around it. If we maintain the proposals that are in this budget over the ten-year period that this budget covers, this country will go bankrupt. People will not buy our debt, our dollar will become devalued. It is a very severe situation.” (CNN)


"Your listeners have to understand how staggering the numbers are. We're talking about a deficit in the trillion-dollar range for as far as the eye can see. We're talking about deficits which are 4% to 5% of GDP - which is not sustainable under any form of government. We're talking about a public debt - this is a debt that people own of the federal government - that will be around 80% of GDP. Historically, it's been around 40% of GDP in the out years. The practical implication of this is bankruptcy for the United States. There's no other way around it." (Breitbart)

I am finding it harder and harder not to believe that Der Messiah is implimenting the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

(image from Peakah)

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.

... The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

(Times Online)

That's in half.

And what has been the result of Europe's embrace of this way of thinking? Europeans of European descent stopped having enough kids to replace those that die. Islamic immigrants, who don't give a damn, are churnin' 'em out like candy from a pez dispenser.

The result? The end of a Europe and an Islamic continent in the near future.

The book that lays all this out America Alone. Read it while you are still allowed- its author, Mark Steyn has been prosecuted in Canada for offending Muslims with the truth and as we have seen, The One has a similar dislike for free speech.


Guess the ex-hippies in power now didn't listen, because they are all tripping their lights out in Moonbat excess. I've said before, why the hell would anyone want to take drugs, now that the world we live in has become one big cartoon-ish hallucination? The only reason to take them would be if they gave the anti-buzz, sobriety, and one wanted to experience something different. We are living in a constant altered state. We have change now! Its Bizarro World. Kathleen Parker:

Despite civic rage and political blame -- even death threats aimed at business executives -- there is a carnival air of unseriousness and grotesquery loose upon the land. Life has become one grand, comic burlesque, a vaudevillian game show where plumbers are journalists, war heroes twitter and the president hits the late-night circuit in the midst of crisis.

Obama's appearance on Jay Leno's show Thursday night -- joking lamely that his bowling is "like Special Olympics or something" -- is symptomatic of a broader blending of the serious and the comic that makes sane people feel slightly displaced. Infotainment isn't a new topic, but the lines are becoming increasingly blurred. Tragicomedy, in which gods and men reverse roles, may be an honored dramatic genre, but is this any way to live?

How else can the far left live? Their whole sense of self and world view is at odds with reality. Cognitive dissonance is the ruling factor of their thought. We are in the midst, not of just a political crisis, but a mental health crisis. Re: that, I can not say enough good about Dr. Sanity for illuminating its dark, dark corners.

And as I well know from my years of lunacy, you cannot argue with a fish that there is other than the water in which he swims. Never having experienced the sky, it is beyond his comprehension. It took the shock of watching the left cheer 9-11 and go on about our deserving to be attacked to begin my recovery. Maybe the shock of realization that we have become a nation of slaves to the state will do the same. One can only hope (as opposed to chope!).

...Speaking of hope...independents are starting to wake up!


The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a sweeping plan to overhaul financial regulation, government officials said.

One proposal could impose greater requirements on the boards of companies to tie executive compensation more closely to corporate performance and to take other steps to assure that outsize bonuses are not paid before meeting financial goals. (Herald Tribune)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't government interference in the housing market a huge factor in bringing about the economy's death spiral? Banks and lending institutions were forced to lend to people that could not afford homes so they could buy them anyway.

Government controlling business. What could go wrong?

Rush is truthin' here:

You take a look around you, the genuinely successful people that you see who you want to be did not check their individualism at the door when they started their work. They didn't check their self-interests at the door, and they didn't check their self-respect, and they didn't turn over the belief in themselves to somebody else. That's all I'm talking about and that's under assault by this administration, which wants to control and limit freedom, 'cause the only way Obama can get the power he wants and the Democrats can get the power they want is if you willingly turn it over to them, by getting rid of your self-interest, your self-respect and holding your best interests at heart. Your best interests do not coincide with your government's, especially now.

(via Hot Air)


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

This is and old story, but it is so amazingly breathtaking that it bears repeating:

In the United States calling someone a socialist is often an insult, striking at the heart of American individualism and raising the fear of government fingers in everyone's business.

The word's powerful negative connotation prompted Obama to call The New York Times back after an interview to belatedly respond to a question on whether he was a socialist.

"It was hard for me to believe that you were entirely serious about that socialist question," Obama said,

defending his policies as consistent with free-market principles. (Reuters)

Why the HELL would anyone think he's socialist? His plans? His actions? Every mentor and ally in the past being Marxist? I just don't get it.

(image via But as for Me)


Obama fires back at former Vice President Dick Cheney's charge that his plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and end the torture of terrorism suspects has made the U.S. less safe:

"How many terrorists have actually been brought to justice under the philosophy that is being promoted by Vice President Cheney? It hasn't made us safer. What it has been is a great advertisement for anti-American sentiment." (CBS)

No, we haven't been made safer. I mean just because we havent been attacked again since 9-11...that means nothing. And I agree- people sworn to destroy our country are going to be even more "anti-American" when you fight back. Better not to piss them off and just put our heads on the chopping block. Fitting this interview took place on cBS.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Judging from his liberal upbringing, education and radical marxist allies through-out his career, it would be laughable to think that The One is not conversant with this:

First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Inspired by the August 1965 riots in the black district of Watts in Los Angeles (which erupted after police had used batons to subdue a black man suspected of drunk driving), Cloward and Piven published an article titled "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty" in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation. Following its publication, The Nation sold an unprecedented 30,000 reprints. Activists were abuzz over the so-called "crisis strategy" or "Cloward-Piven Strategy," as it came to be called. Many were eager to put it into effect.

Read it all at Sweetness and Light. (images via GoPachy)


From Protein Wisdom:

“House adopts plan for ‘volunteer’ corps: Also requires new evaluation of ‘mandatory’ service for all”. From WND, via Weasel Zippers:

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to set up a new “volunteer corps” and consider whether “a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people” should be developed.

The legislation also refers to “uniforms” that would be worn by the “volunteers” and the “need” for a “public service academy, a 4-year institution” to “focus on training”

future “public sector leaders.” The training, apparently, would occur at “campuses.”

It authorizes previous funding, so no big deal, right?

but also includes “new programs and studies” and is expected to be funded with an allocation of $6 billion over the next five years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Many, however, are raising concerns that the program, which is intended to include 250,000 “volunteers,” is the beginning of what President Obama called his “National Civilian Security Force”...

The new bill specifically references the possibilities “if all individuals in the United States were expected to perform national service or were required to perform a certain amount of national service.”

The bill notes this

“would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.” at least a little bit about Germany in the 1930's!!!

More at Six Meat Buffet- (image via that site as well) with some classic video. and here.

Cassy Fiano emphasises that it is MANDATORY volunteering (see Geo. Orwell):

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to set up a new “volunteer corps” and consider whether “a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people” should be developed.

The legislation also refers to “uniforms” that would be worn by the “volunteers” and the “need” for a “public service academy, a 4-year institution” to “focus on training” future “public sector leaders.” The training, apparently, would occur at “campuses.”


This is also kind of against the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, too:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.