Monday, March 30, 2009


Six Meat Buffet
has posted the definition of fascism from The Holocaust Dictionary:

“(Fascism) was a type of original, modern thought that reflected change and the need for something new and different amongst the young people of Europe, who disdained their parents’ middle class values.”

There is no disdain for middle class values in America, right? And the young people didn’t like Barack Obama at all. And “change”? That wasn’t even in the official language of the presidential campaign.

Fascism tries to create a new civilization, based on the total community, in which all sectors and classes of the population will find their niche. As a result, the nation will be revitalized and strengthened, and each individual will be nothing more than a cell in the communal organism.

There is no attempt in the current administration to make a “total community” where “all sectors of the population will find their niche”. And this administration certainly doesn’t publicly ridicule and threaten the lives or incomes of specific individual citizens who disagree, ask too many questions, or don’t fall in line.

Fascism even poses as a type of spiritual revolution.

Spiritual revolution?! Nah. It’s not like schoolchildren are singing hymns to him or anything.

Fascism came up with two tools that would help maintain “the unity of the nation”—corporatism and totalitarianism. In a corporative state, a country’s political, social, and economic power is held by a group of corporations, made up both of employers and employees. This group of corporations plans the economy and settles differences between social classes. In a totalitarian state, the government has total control over and can intervene in every aspect of an individual’s life. Using these two instruments, the nation would easily be maintained as the highest ideal.

There’s no move in our country for the government to have that much control over a few corporations who are too big to fail. UPDATE: WOW.

According to Fascist ideology, the nation will not become a completed unit as long as the working class is not assimilated into it, and until a way is found to harness each individual in a joint effort to achieve the common good. Fascism is also a reflection of certain values of the time: namely, emotions and spontaneity as opposed to reason—reason being the basis of democratic thought. In Fascism, the idea that emotions and the subconscious are more important in politics than reason is totally acceptable.

We’re a way too rational, civilized and mature society to fall for that bull.

Even if it's happening right before our faces, it can't happen here, right?


MAS1916 said...

We are getting frighteningly close to this. Obama and the Demcorats now have businesses dependent upon them for continued funding. They also have their 'Brown Shirts' at ACORN as well as Union thugs to maintain a lid on dissent.

23eagle said...

...and yet, everyone is calmly discussing things as if we were'nt in an updated replay of 1930's Germany.