Friday, March 27, 2009

BECAUSE AMERICANS ARE SO HOMOPHOBIC AND HATEFUL had two actors act as nelly and flamboyant as possible, lovin' and kissin' on one another and even planted a pretend homophobe to try to stir people up, in a sports bar, all in the hopes of instigating a gay bashing.

Didn't work.

As a matter of fact, people got annoyed with the pretend homophobe and were telling him to shut the hell up.

God, this country is full of haters!

I like Cassy Fiano's comments:

It’s funny, because it wasn’t until ABC had the gay couple amp up the PDA that there was one person — one, out of their entire experiment — that started to complain. And why wouldn’t he? Gay or straight, it’s incredibly annoying to watch a couple make out in a public setting. And then ABC used it as an example of this man’s “homophobia”, even though there was not one patron who objected to the gay couple’s presence until ABC told them to amp up their affections to obnoxious levels unacceptable and inappropriate for any couple, gay or straight.

Now, if ABC wanted to see real intolerance, all they’d need to do is go to a city that’s a bastion of liberal thought… like, say, San Francisco or Berkeley. Go to San Francisco wearing a shirt supportive of President Bush and openly talk about how you support the military and the war in Iraq. Go to Berkeley and tell the hippies that the Marines should stay there and that they’re performing a valuable service. Go to any left-leaning city and talk about conservative values, and then you’ll see some strong, hateful intolerance.
Well, hold on there, Cassy! That's not intolerance. That's caring and tryin' to help people! Sorta like the vids of these folks you posted about as well. L. U. V.!

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