Monday, March 23, 2009


First he insults Britain, blows them off and treats 'em like nothing. Gives the PM a bunch of CD's, useless because they are not formatted for that country. Then his spokesman tells them not to be so upity about all this because they're "just another country." Oh, and he sends back the bust of Churchill that has been in the White House for years. Thanks but no thanks! (Of course, he's bendin over double ass-kissing Iran, Chavez and other dictatorial regimes. With them its a regular love fest!) As is pointed out at Bookworm Room:

so far, Obama has offended the Brits, offended Israel, offended Brazil, offended Poland and the Czech Republic

Now this (from Free Republic):

Obama sent a letter to Chirac, saying he looks forward to working with him the next four years. Le Figaro, French newspaper is horrified at the faux pas. Doesn't Obama ever consult his staff before acting? Sarkozy is the President there! It's like Sarko writing to George Bush and saying he looks forward to working with him. Chirac is the FORMER president.

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