Friday, March 27, 2009


From ABC's debate on the devil:

(Deepak) Chopra...said that "Healthy people do not have any need for Satan. Healthy people need to confront their own issues, understand themselves and move towards the direction of compassion, creativity, understanding, context, insight, inspiration, revelation and understanding that we are part of an ineffable mystery. …So I would say be done with Satan and confront your own issues."

"The point is how come we have these ideas that are so mythical, that are so primitive?" Chopra continued. "Why don't we understand that so-called evil is a part of ourselves? Annie said it so elegantly when she said, 'I was full of guilt... of shame.' That's what she's confronted. Now you want to put that guilt and shame to some mythical identity out there, and yet you did that, but then you took responsibility for your own self. Why don't you give the credit to you, rather than, you know, to some mythical figures out there that came from the outside as forces?"

Because to Chopra and so many other new-age loons, there IS nothing beyond oneself.

The idea that any being could exist both outside and as part of oneself, well, that's just crazy talk.
And people wonder why we have become so narcissistic and why we've become so atomized.

(Dr. Sanity, btw, has an excellent piece on MALIGNANT NARCISSISM - Sociopathic Selfishness and Sociopathic Selflessness, here)

He continued:

And the most fervent believers in the world are the cause of all the problems in the world right now, OK?"

Uh...Marxism is atheist. But of course, silly me, that is not a problem! Only killed more than ten times as many people as Christians did in the name of their religion in their entire history and one of its followers is gleefully destroying our nation (see What's So Great About Christianity), but I digress....

"Any image of God is a limitation because if God is infinite then God is beyond your imagination because you cannot imagine the infinite. For you to define God and give him these simple qualities is to actually limit God...

Here's the thing: WE are NOT transcendent here on earth. WE only have the option to see in HUMAN terms using the human mind. We see God and the devil. To pretend to be able to see beyond our limitations is arrogant phony foolishness that ultimately leads to evil. And speaking of which, Mark Driscoll (who I definitely have issues with, btw), uttered the ultimate heresy to fundamentalist liberal religion:

"For there to be virtue, there must be the possibility of vice and that's what distinguishes those of us, people and angels, from other forms of creation, trees, animals and the like," he said. "I think if you don't allow choice, the theologians will say you don't have love."

You don't have freedom either. But that's not a problem to the left. Its the government's job to take away freedom to fail, freedom to live ineffectively, freedom to say bad things and enforce virtue through dominance of the all-powerful state.

THAT is not virtue at all. It's evil.

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