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The government doesn't take the hypocratic oath, ya know. And so we have this in Canada, from the Globe and Mail:

Imagine that you are undergoing a fairly routine surgery – say, removal of uterine fibroids or hysterectomy. During or right after the procedure, while you are still under anesthesia, a group of medical students parades into the operating room and they perform gynecological exams (unrelated to the surgery) without your knowledge.

Do you consider this okay, or an outrageous violation of your rights?

Regardless of your feelings, you should be aware that this is standard procedure in many Canadian teaching hospitals.

Medical students routinely practice doing internal pelvic examinations while surgery patients are unconscious, and without getting specific consent, at least in Canada.

A doctor involved says:

“I had done this numerous times in my training and it had never occurred to me that it might be unethical.”

Well, no, why would she? A woman has a right to her own body if she wants to off a kid, but otherwise, her STUFF belongs to the government. After all, they own her.


Yeah, I know, it's a cheap shot. But....LMAO! Just sayin'.......

"He is sad because his house looks like an elementary school. And all the children have died."


I was one. It really sucked. Constantly having to maneuver to keep up with what was currently hip and cool, constantly having to maintain that feeling of superiority in the face of my vast well of insecurity. It really took a toll.

Now I know it's not funny to laugh at that, but DANG! They do it to themselves and this puts a spotlight on it in a non-mean-spirited way. Photos of hipsters in their hip environments looking as miserable as they feel...lonely and isolated in their elite lil' bubbles, but with snarky captions, like the one above.

Check it out.


MAN I hate posting on this. But unlike the left, the right has always called out the lowlifes that occasionally weasel into the party, and this dude certainly qualifies:

(CNN) – South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, under fire for drawing a comparison between needy people and “stray animals,” said Monday that he regrets his choice of words.

In a phone interview with CNN, Bauer, a Republican candidate for governor, said, “I wish I had used a different metaphor.” Bauer told an audience Friday that people receiving government assistance are like “stray animals” because “they breed” and “don’t know any better.” (via Pajamas Media)

Yes, Andre, there are hoards of parasites that have been encouraged to think of themselves as nothing but victims and to expect a free ride through the increasingly socialist state. Lord knows, I encounter them every day in my line of work and they certainly act like petulant, demanding, violent animals.

But to paint "the poor" as all being the same way is sick. I know, and have known, many, many fine people that are poor through no fault of their own. They are physically or mentally unable to get by in this world or they have been brought down by circumstances beyond their control.
THESE are people we should all love and help- especially because I have seen so many struggle valiantly in vain. Some I am humbled by, because I think that if I had to deal with what they do every day of their lives, I would just give up. And yet I see bravery and courage that astounds me.

These people are not dogs. They are fellow human beings. If one judges what a person achieves in their life according to what they have been given, many put me to shame.

And shame is what this jack-ass should feel for his hateful, heartless comments. I'd vote for a democrat over him in a heart-beat, if that was my only choice.

There is a tendency on the right to view the majority of poverty as all being due to a lack of initiative, just as there is a tendency on the left to view poverty as all being due to circumstances beyond one's control.

The truth is that each is true, depending on the case. Having said that, however, I believe that the majority of poverty comes of the damage the left has done over the last several decades, in encouraging a mind-set of entitlement and victimhood. Still, simple-minded clinging exclusively to one view or the other denies reality and helps no one.

And hatred from anyone in the Republican party has absolutely no place. If you want to hate, go over to the other side. They don't have any problem with it, as long as you hate the right people.

WE, on the other hand, have a BIG problem with it.

So Andre, please.....go to Hell.

Concerned and trying desperately to alleviate pain.


He's written a letter to our Glorious Leader because he is concerned for him. He begins:
I penned a message to Obama that I would like to deliver now. Because Mr. Obama, I think it's time we had a heart-to-heart talk. Let me be the father that you never had or never really knew, because I think you need some guidance. It's time to man up. It's time to grow up. That speech last night was an embarrassment. You couldn't focus, you lashed out in all directions, you refused to accept responsibility for your own actions, and you were angry.

And ends:

You're supposed to lead not by threatening people but by encouraging them, by embracing them, by thanking them, by inspiring them. Most of all you don't seem to appreciate the magnificence of this nation! I know you don't. The way you've been educated about this country it's painfully obvious. You think this country is guilty, period. Guilty and unjust. You seem to think this country needs to be torn down so you can rebuild it. But you were elected to be president, not some kind of dictator. You must operate within the confines of the Constitution. You are not bigger than the law, and you are not bigger than the people. You were elected to serve the people, not dictate to them. Anyway, I'm sure this little lecture will not do you much good, particularly given the spectacle of your speech last night. You really are full of yourself. But I truly hope that this little talk does do you some good down the way, because something is going to have to change in you or we are doomed for at least the next three years.

If this letter doesn't do it I sincerely hope B.O. gets the help he so desperately needs. No one should have to suffer under the crushing burden of such a severe mental health problem.

Think about that next time you're talking to one of his worshipers....the pain they must be in having to rush about denying reality to maintain their buzz all the time. I know it used to be horrible for me. I must be for them too.

The "hope and change" needed to fundamentally transform Cuba into the paradise it has become.


My garsh! NO one is supposed to know that!

They have indoctrinated a generation by white-washing the holocaust of communism.
They have made mass-murderers hip and cool.
They openly admire them.

But when Beck airs a documentary exposing the mass murder that the embrace of Marxism has always led, well....that is just an outrage! They've worked so hard to foster their lil' hallucination!

The Glenn Beck special is now catching heat from “mainstream” liberal sources who claim no “mainstream” media or academic sources in fact herald the Communist icons as claimed on the special To this end an article in Politico quotes Clemson professor and Harvard PHD, Steven Marks: "No one in their right mind is going to defend Stalin or Mao or Che Guevara,"

Humberto Fontova
goes on to document and extensive list and still only scratches the surface. For instance:

Time Magazine honors Che Guevara among "The 100 Most Important People of the Century." Not satisfied with such a paltry accolade they list him in the "Heroes and Icons" section, alongside Anne Frank, Andrei Sakharov, Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa. .

And when he appeared to adoring "American" throngs:

All clamored for autographs and photo ops. Diane Sawyer was so overcome in the mass killer's presence that she rushed up, broke into that toothy smile of hers, wrapped her arms around Castro and smooched him warmly on the cheek.

"You people are the cream of the crop!" beamed the mass-murderer to the smiling throng that surrounded him.

"Hear, hear!" chirped the delighted guests while tinkling their wine glasses in appreciation and glee.

So what if he murdered tens of thousands? He meant well. Just like Der Messiah. "ya'll just aren't listenin'!"


Gol! Looky there! He's all bi-partisan n' such!

But oh so displeased! Check out the royal pissy bitching:

“The notion that this was a radical package is just not true,” Obama said. “I am not an ideologue.” (insert laugh track here)
Gateway notes: Obama is not only an ideologue, he’s an ideologue in denial.

No, Jugears, you're not a "Bolshevik." You only started your career with them, have been mentored by them, had them as your "spiritual advisers," and packed your White House with them while you and your minions embrace Marxist thugs world-wide as heroes.

But that doesn't make you a "Bolshevik." Why? Because you have decreed that. The only problem is that people aren't listening to you- hence your lecture to those who refuse to acknowledge your divinity and dare to defy your Glorious Self.


Everyone knows that Europe is more advanced than we are. Its where the left wants to take us.
To places like this, from the Telegraph:

Nicole Mamo, 48, wanted to post an advert for a £5.80-an-hour domestic cleaner on her local Jobcentre Plus website.

The text of the advert ended by stating that any applicants for the post ''must be very reliable and hard-working''.

But when Ms Mamo called the Jobcentre Plus in Thetford, Norfolk, the following day she was told that her advert would not be displayed instore.

A Jobcentre Plus worker claimed that the word ''reliable'' meant they could be sued for discriminating against unreliable workers.

That's right. People who only show up to work when they feel like it are protected under the law from being discriminated against because of their laziness.

It's only a matter of time before we catch up to this kind of "utopia."

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It's how The One chastised a crowd that was not sufficiently worshipful when he was on the campaign trail, and it is still the message he and his lackeys communicate. (btw, Blackberry Smoke has a great music vid of their song "I'd Be Lyin'" that includes the clip- yeah, I know, they're smokin' pot, but its a good song and the clip is great).

As a matter of fact,
all problems, all dis-satisfaction that the public feels towards his agenda is due to their not receiving and internalizing his communication. And so the solution is to communicate more and tell us dumb hicks to shut up and listen because we just don't understand. We can't possibly know anything ourselves. Take it away, Zo:


Hippies (the people now running the government and our culture) were fond of saying that if everyone just ate some acid, we would all love one another and the world would become a magical, beautiful, peaceful place.

They still believe that, but they aren't using acid. They don't need to. They are working to re-shape our minds to believe that the world IS a magical, mystical acid trip. And they are succeeding. Just listen to Mr. Klavan:


John Hawkins interviews comedian Evan Sayet at Right Wing News, and he talks about his wake-up call. The same happened to me and I am sure many more. As disheartening as it is to see the number of liberals that went the opposite direction, it's better to look at those of us that woke the hell up:

Although you're a comedian, you're best known among conservatives for a couple of absolutely brilliant speeches you gave at Heritage about the nature of liberalism (See them here and here). How did you get such a full understanding of liberalism? Why do you think so many other conservatives don't fully understand it?

Well, first of all, it's very unpleasant to recognize that you're dealing with people for whom rational thought is a hate crime. It's just something that we're not supposed to think about them.

I would much rather not believe what I know about them. I mean it's important to know it but, I wish it weren't true. You know, I didn’t really need to understand the philosophical underpinnings of liberalism. I don't think there's really a need to know why they support evil, failure and wrong, just the reality that they do.

...What surprised me was my liberal friends' response: The idea that we deserved it, that it was something that we did that provoked it. That it was in the President's mentor's words, "The chickens coming home to roost." And the idea that the way to prevent further such horrors was to be nicer to the terrorists -- this was insane....

You know that is really it in a nutshell- when dealing with liberals you have to realize that you are dealing with people that see "rational thought as a hate crime."
(image by wteach)


Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young has written a new book about Silky Pony.
We all know now that yes, he had a kid he denied by a woman he tried to destroy to hide that fact.
Just usual Washington stuff. But now Mr. Edwards comes out with more revealations, including that he:
hated making appearances at state fairs where “fat rednecks try to shove food down my face. I know I’m the people’s senator, but do I have to hang out with them?” Before a SEIU candidate forum in Las Vegas, Young says Edwards made him cut out a “made in the USA” label from Young’s own suit to sew in place of Edwards’s “made in Italy” label . (NRO)

But you know, he, like the rest of those running the nation that they hate, really, reeeeealy cares for you.

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I have always fondly called them the Al-quada Press due to their rampant, terrorist supporting bias, but now even THEY are having a problem with the dirtbag running the country into the ground.


"It wasn't me!"


'Bout sums up The Obamunist's state of the union bloviation. He said before hand that he would use the speech to further explain to the stupid, uncomprehending public what they keep failing to understand:

In an interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos last week, Obama said, "I think we lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values." (Daily News)

See? You don't know what your "core values" are, and if someone smarter than you will just explain them clearly enough, you'll quit your gripin'! It's just that you don't understand such complex issues!

And about all that bribery and back-room dealing in the health care take-over bill?

“Let's just clarify. I didn't make a bunch of deals [on health care]. ... There is a legislative process that is taking place in Congress and I am happy to own up to the fact that I have not changed Congress and how it operates the way I would have liked.” (Examiner)

They did it! They did it! It wasn't me. My hands are clean. In addition, it's all Bush's fault! Oh, and the Supreme Court sucks too for defending the first amendment:

President Obama could not get himself to admit we won in Iraq and inappropriately attacked the Supreme Court all in one awful speech.

Now we find out it wasn’t just Justice Alito who was upset with his trash-talking. Senator John McCain was seen mouthing, “Blame it on Bush,” when Obama misrepresented the situation he inherited. Think Progress caught the president’s dishonest attack on Bush:

By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door. (Gateway Pundit)

Lord help us we have a 10 year old finger-pointing, compulsive liar as President. Check Michelle Malkin for exhaustive fact checking on the words of the Narcissistic Liar in Chief.

But to review, everything going wrong is the fault of Bush, the congress and the Supreme Court.

I mean, how can The Messiah be at fault!?


Or do they need to cook the books a lil' more?

ANOTHER story out today about the hiding of data from the center of"scientific" vortex that has been pivotal in promoting the hoax:

In one e-mail, Professor Jones asked a colleague to delete e-mails relating to the 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He also told a colleague that he had persuaded the university authorities to ignore information requests under the act from people linked to a website run by climate sceptics. (Times Online)

One last time. Global warming, now "climate change," was never about the climate or based on any proof that man is catastrophically changing the climate. It was about people being cleaver enough to wear green while being red inside and finding that to be an excellent tool to grap power. Carbon touches every aspect of our lives. Control that, you control everything, and CONTROL is what it has always been about.

Funny how we're not hearing much from these discraced clowns now. Even funnier how they are still quietly pushing their agenda.

Meanwhile, after 10 years of cooling temps, a growing number of scientists are becoming concerned about global cooling.

How inconvenient!

When the man who will make the ocean levels drop spoke in his SOTU speech from another universe last night, the crowd busted a gut laughing at him when he spoke of "the overwhelming scientifice evidence" of global warming:

The radicals from the 60's don't NEED to take acid anymore. They ARE acid. And we are having their hallucinations foisted on us.

Creepier and creepier.

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This is something that has really gotten to me lately. How the heck do I keep friendly relations with those that support the willful destruction of our nation and who support what will cause untold misery for millions if they succeed? They smile. They love me. I love them. And yet....all the while they are doing their best to kill everything good and bring destruction.

I tell myself that good people supported Hitler when he rose to power. They just didn't know any better. They were duped. But somehow I can't get past it.

Burt Prelutsky
has been thinking about this stuff too:

If you’re convinced, as I am, that Barack Obama is the greatest menace America has ever faced — a far graver danger than Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or Islamic fascism, simply because they all lacked the ability or determination to destroy our Constitution — losing a few friends and relatives is no big deal.

If we only had to worry about Obama, it would be bad enough. But he has all those moral rejects to do his bidding. People like Pelosi, Reid, Axelrod, Waxman, Emanuel and Barney Frank, are ready and anxious to serve their lord and master. He says, “Jump!” and they ask “How high?” Some of us thought his earlier friends and associates — people like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko — were bad, but we didn’t realize he’d ferret out even bigger weasels in Washington.

Psychiatrists are forever seeking the cause and cure of various diseases. They have focused on everything from paranoia to schizophrenia and clinical depression, but I think it’s high time they turned their attention to liberalism. It’s far more prevalent than those other mental disorders, and it appears to be particularly rampant among journalists, lawyers, union leaders and academics. Blacks, Jews and the young, are especially susceptible. And for reasons not entirely clear, it seems to strike hardest at people who reside near the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. So perhaps salt water plays a part in it.

The symptoms are all too obvious. Liberals will believe the silliest things said to them so long as they’re said by left-wing politicians, who form something of a priesthood for atheists. Liberals accept lies about man-made global warming and the extinction of polar bears and glaciers, while simultaneously rejecting objective evidence that the earth has been cooling off for the past decade, that the polar bear population has been exploding at a rate that suggests Viagra has been introduced into their diet and that, in spite of all the hot air Al Gore has been spewing, we have as much ice as ever.

Furthermore, liberals are convinced that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant and that “separation of church and state” actually exists in the U.S. Constitution.

As gullible as liberals are, there are certain things that they oppose with every fiber of their being. Among them are nuclear energy, a strong U.S. military, Judeo-Christian values and traditions, America’s exceptionalism and, of course, the 2nd amendment. They pay lip service to the 1st amendment, but in their hearts they believe it only pertains to them.

Just like Al Quada, the left has declared war on America. They just use different means to achieve the same goals and want themselves to be the ruling mullahs, instead of Osama Bin Laden or somebody. Other than that, they are no different.

So I'm loosing friends. Well, war sucks. The men and women in 1776 lost a heck of a lot more.

And some of my "friends" are making a mockery of their sacrifice and that of every man and woman who has died over the years defending what they built.

Those "friends" are no friends of mine.


God Bless Charles Winecoff! It's a good day when I see one of his columns at Big Hollywood!

CA is getting sued because domestic partnership isn't enough. The word "marriage" needs redefined because if its not....well....that's as bad as blacks being lyched in the 50's! And if you disagree, you're a homophobic hate monger! And prolly a racist too.

From the trial:

...when Olson asked Berkeley lesbian Kristen Perry why she was a plaintiff in the case, she replied, ”Because I want to marry Sandy [her partner, also of nine years]… I want the discrimination to end and a more joyful part of our life to begin… The state isn’t letting me feel happy. The state isn’t allowing me to feel my whole potential.” Yet “the state” never prevented Perry and Stier from making a home together, or from raising four boys in that home.

Rule number one: make yourself happy.

In another heartrending account, Helen Zia, a 57-year-old community organizer and writer, told the court that marrying her partner, Lia Shigemura, transformed the way their families viewed them. Before marrying, they had been domestic partners – but according to Zia, marriage gave their relationship a name their families could really understand. Zia recalled how, after they married, her teenage niece told Shigemura, “Auntie Lia, now you’re my real auntie!”

Exploiting children is a ploy as old as the 1980 Carter-Reagan debate, when “Jim-muh” cited his 13-year-old daughter Amy’s natural, angelic concern about nuclear weapons.

The battle for “marriage equality” is all about “the children” too - using them, that is, to guilt us all into submission.

Children are pawns in the Leftist strategy of social deconstruction and dominance. As Prop 8 attorney Brian Raum revealed during his cross-examination of Ms. Zia, the Sapphic scribe had previously described marriage as a “patriarchal institution,” stating in print that she and her partner had only married in 2004 to defy the “fundamentalist, warmongering regime in Washington.”

That doesn’t sound very loving, does it?

At one point, Boies asked Zarrillo why he and Mr. Katami hadn’t had kids. ”Paul and I believe an important step for us to have children is to be married,” Zarrillo replied. That’s certainly a noble sentiment. But Boies’s defiant use of the verb “to have” with regard to gay couples and children begs a question we’re not allowed to ask: exactly how do gay couples “have” children? Why not use the more appropriate verb “adopt,” or “raise,” or “have a surrogate child?”

Letitia Peplau, another “expert” on couple relationships, suggested that a major societal benefit of “marriage equality” is that same-sex couples wouldn’t “have” children out of wedlock. Prop 8 attorney Nicole Moss responded by asking Peplau if she agreed that gay men and lesbians do not have children accidentally. “Can two lesbians spontaneously impregnate each other?” Peplau stammered. “Not to my knowledge, no.”

Yet we’re all expected to pretend that they can – because obscuring the basic, biological reality that gay couples cannot “have” children (without a great deal of maneuvering) helps level the proverbial playing field, reinforces the false notion that “male” and “female” are mere social constructs, and bolsters the progressive, let’s-play-dress-up illusion of sameness and “equality.” It’s the ultimate in internalized homophobia.

So as much as we may like them as friends, relatives, or (fellow gay) neighbors, we don’t dare ask the two men or two women next door how they managed to secure a child to raise (or even how they feel about being deprived of the “right” to abortion). Because to do so might offend – might bring to light the all-too-common motivation for having those children in the first place: to give the gay parent the “experience” of child rearing and/or child birth. The actual offspring sometimes seem like an afterthought.

Instead, we smile approvingly, supportively, and accept the politically correct immaculate conception. How wonderful! How do you plan to to fulfill yourself next? (Yours truly sees a clear function for gay couples in society: giving good homes to the cast-off kids of irresponsible straight people. But I digress.)

In the new world order of enforced fantasy, there is no difference between men and women, gays and straights, penises and vaginas, testosterone and estrogen – only between “liberal” and “conservative,” Democrat and Republican, Statist and Libertarian, good and bad.

As marriage “expert” Nancy Cott, a Yale professor of the history of women and gender, explained to the judge, ”The shift toward ‘gender symmetry’ leads toward the appropriateness of allowing persons of the same sex to marry.”

He goes on with more of the gay left playing the we-are-the same/we-are-not the same game and concludes:

Let me get this straight (no pun intended): we in the LGBT community feel we are entitled to majority-style state approval of our feelings and lifestyles – often against the will of our friends and fellow citizens (who, by the way, are largely in support of nice, secular civil unions, which can always be improved) - yet we refuse to relinquish an iota of our minority status. That ain’t going to get you what you want. Make up your mind, people.

Having grown up with the gay rights revolution, I can safely say it’s no longer the straight majority that has the problem with us. It’s the gay community that’s still hung up on “being gay.” How about dropping the adolescent security blanket of comfy persecution – and try being less of a Na’vi and more of a Marine? The rewards might be a lot greater than make-believe “marriage equality.”

Awesome. How bout that!? And again I gotta say, God Bless Charles Winecoff!


Dick Morris has gotten wind of the back-room deal Pelosi and Reid are making to still pass their take-over of the health care system and satisfy the hard left

This plan, of course, is a total subversion of the legislative process.

Check out the sleeze here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well what a shocker:
For the first time in American history, a majority of union members are government workers rather than private-sector employees, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday. (via Sweetness and Light)

Who woulda thought? And where are the overwhelming majority of "new jobs created" by the directives of The One? Oh yeah. Government. Who is being taxed to death and prevented from growing the private economy? Oh yeah. Business.

What kind of country does it become when money is taken from a private industry that is prevented from making more, thus halting employment, while at the same time that stolen money is used to create government jobs for those who can't work for what's been made non-existant?

Hmmm. private industry, only government jobs....oh! I know! Communism!

"I will NEVER stop fightin' for you!"


Before Scott Brown won, Der Messiah made fun of him for driving a truck.

After Brown won, Bubba Obama is a real, down home reg'lar guy just like you!

And he's MAD! Ooooooo, he's mad! Just like the people that are sick to death of his phony, arrogant dismissal of what they want and say.

So he went to Elyria, Ohio (where they prolly don't even have arugula, for God's sake!) and said:

"So long as I have some breath in me, so long as I have the privilege of serving as your president, I will not stop fighting for you," Obama said. (Hot Air)

And by fighting for you, he means fighting for himself, since HE knows better than you about what you really want an need. He's a selfless, giving man. And he went to Hah-vahed.

Yeah, I know, the majority of the people are against what he's doing and are angry at being ignored at best, and called racist tea-baggers at worst, but when they realize that someone smarter than they should have the right to tell them what they want, they'll fall right in behind him.

He vowed to "never stop fighting for policies that will help restore home values"

Goll! He's just like Sarah Palin! He's just a down-home kinda guy. Bet he can gut a moose!

And he's angry. Just like the tea party people....cept of course he's not stupid like they are.

He's counting on that. Only stupid people can be played like a violin and he's rosined up his bow.

"It's going to be a fight," the president said, warming up to the crowd. "You watch. I guarantee you, when we start on financial regulatory reform, trying to change the rules to prevent what has caused so much heartache all across the country, there are people who are going to say, 'Why is he meddling in government' or 'Why is he meddling in the financial industry? It's another example of Obama being big government.' No, I just want to have some rules in place so that when these guys make dumb decisions, you don't end up having to foot the bill."

He's right. You just watch, some fear-monger is gonna say, "hey! why is he turning us into a Marxist state and ignoring the Constitution? Why is he taking over the banks and industry like Hitler did?"

Do I have to say it again? Because people make "dumb decisions." They're just too stupid to have freedom and to make their own decisions. They need control. TOTAL control.

And THAT'S how he's gonna fight for you. Even though you're a dumb-ass.

No really. I just turned on Fox and watched Der Messiah's spokes-tool, Gibbs, being interviewed and he said that people voted for Scott Brown in Mass. because they support The One.

No really.


When Wallace noted Brown "explicitly campaigned against the Obama agenda,", Gibbs countered, "Well, that may be what he campaigned on, but that's not why the voters of Massachusetts sent him to Washington." ...

"That may be what he campaigned on but that’s not what the voters in Massachusetts said in the Washington Post poll… They did a poll of voters who participated in why they voted. Right. More people voted express their support for Barack Obama than to oppose him." (Gateway)

No. They were not at all concerned with what he said he'll do and what he believes. They just wanted to help B.O. by sending someone to Washington committed to stopping his destruction of America. I get it.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
-Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister to Adolph Hitler

How many more parallels do people need? How much more arrogant and disconnected can these fascists be?

I am stunned.


Nope. Nothing. It was just some guy and the reason he killed all those people is irrelevant.

Greg Gutfeld
speaks of

...the Fort Hood Report, which the U.S. military’s just released, detailing the shooting that left 13 dead. In the 86 page thingy, here’s what you won’t find: the name of the killer, or his Muslim faith. The dudes who did the review argue that those pieces of information aren't important – their concern is more with “actions and effects, not…with motivations.”

Here in Sanity Village, we call this “super duper crazy talk.”

Cuz, you know, if there’s one thing I learned from Obama the candidate – is how important root causes are. You remember: before calling someone evil, you need to first understand their motivations.

True, root causes are troubling, because it’s applied only when Obama and others feel comfortable with its conclusions. If the killer was a fundamentalist Christian, his right wing rage would be hammered home. Janet Napolitano created an entire report on such matters. That was quaint.

But in Hassan’s case, pointing out motives only hurts feelings. Citing Islamic extremism as a culprit will simply upset more Muslims, so the P.C. thing to do is to leave it out...

Anyhow, Karl Marx already gave us the answer: it was poverty caused by capitalism. Doesn't matter if they themselves don't say that and that most of them come from wealthy families and have been educated in self- loathing, oh-we-are-so-evil western universities. Mere details.

Didn't you learn nuthin' in school? Dumb redneck!

And as for upsetting more Muslims? I gotta newsflash. What upsets Fundamentalist Muslims is that they don't have the total world domination that they so deserve, dammit! Is worrying about dropping a match on their blazing fire-storm of hatred really going to make a difference?

Its like what upsets the loyal followers of the Fascist Fundamentalist Liberal religion. They don't have the total world domination that such highly-evolved people like them so richly deserve!

Better be nice to them, cause we sure don't wanna piss 'em off. They might kill us someday.

Not that that has ever happened before.

...but I didn't know his ghost would come back!



I have watched many, many times the tolerance for the behavior of the few cause harm to the many. Why do liberals not see this? I think it has to do with their goal. It's not, despite their tearful protestations, that they reeeeeealy care for people. It's that they reeeeeealy care for how they feeeeeeel. If you focus on tolerating one and that makes you feel good and morally superior, you've accomplished your goal. The 10 other people that will suffer because of this don't matter. It's not a rational plan to help as many as possible. It's an emotional plan to help one's self.

From an excellent article by David C. Parks:

The liberal says that "ignorance leads to intolerance." In fact, tolerance leads to ignorance. Bork recounts the liberal's dilemma, quoting W.H. Auden: "Emancipated from traditional beliefs of a closed society ... he [the liberal] has found no source or principle of direction to replace them ... liberalism is at a loss to know how to handle him, for the only thing liberalism knows to offer is more [liberalism] ... and that is his trouble." With no mental exercise of discernment, rationale, or principle required, tolerance dulls the intellect and implies that we should deny our natural sensibilities while we renounce our discernments. Tolerance presumes that we ignore our capacity to determine and act upon right from wrong, truth from falsehood, or good from evil. Tolerance denies intelligence.

When we allow tolerance to trump principles, we become the allegorical crab in the stewpot. The chef slips the crab into a large pot of water at room temperature. Every few minutes he turns up the heat a few degrees, until the crab, roused from his stupor too late, acquiesces to the inevitable boil and winds up supper for those who would benefit from his stupidity.

Respect is the missing virtue. Respect requires us to move beyond transgressions and differences, accept the author of poor belief and action, and in the process, initiate change. Tolerance identifies the person and belief as one and the same. Respect recognizes their differences and embraces the person when his belief or action may be wrong. Tolerance is a very bland substitute for respect, and people despair to see our nation settle for the lesser.

So golly! Why are so many kids today so miserable and unhappy? They have been taught in school to allow for NOTHING to hold onto as a virtue. Virtue is relative, everyone is supposed to make up their own. The thin veneer of civilization has been taken from them and they are left with nothing but their own selfish desires. They sink into the savagery that increasingly defines pop culture. 50 Cent is a hero. Need I say more? And where is respect? It's become only something to be given to them when they do whatever the hell they feel like doing. Anything else know, intolerant.


I spent 10+ years of my life as a Buddhist. I meditated every day and read dharma books. But one quote increasingly stuck out in my mind, especially after 9-11 and my reading of the book "What's So Great About America?" by Dinesh D'Souza:

“I always tell my Western friends that it is best to keep your own tradition. Changing religion is not easy and sometimes causes confusion. You must value your tradition and honor your own religion.” -The Dalai Lama

No matter how much I thought I was fighting the tendency, I was always hooked on the "good buzz" I got, and was constantly maneuvering to defend it. I was always focused inward, even as I told myself I cared for others and wanted to be engaged with them. Basically, I was a smiling, peaceful, self-centered prick. You know, like most on the left.

It appeared to me that maybe the Dalai Lama was right. Maybe the cultures in which Buddhism is embedded FITS those cultures and those pitfalls are better avoided. Maybe I should stick to the religion of MY culture, the one I was raised in, and lo and behold....I started turning outward, truly LIKING people and becoming more concerned for how they felt than for myself (disclaimer: I'm still a self-centered prick much of the time...but I'm workin' on it and more importantly, being worked on by Jesus, k? lol). The Bible took on new meaning, old verses I had heard a thousand times suddenly made a deeper sense than I had ever known. I became a happier person.

Still, that's not to say that there are not Buddhist Americans who are fine, fine people.

One writes in American Thinker:
One day I perused a book by the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa. I was immediately hooked. The next month, I attended a daylong meditation workshop for women. A year later, I was meditating silently at week-long retreats, an amazing feat for someone who was born to chat.

Now that I think about it, I started becoming a conservative the moment I picked up that book by Trungpa. The Buddha's teachings are deeply conservative.

Once enlightened, the Buddha devoted his life to illuminating the path to liberation. His teaching: We create suffering through our desires and our focus on self.

One of the Buddha's more provocative statements: "Enlightenment is the death of hope." Being awake means accepting reality, not living in delusion.

The Buddha wasn't an ACORN, get-in-your-face type of a guy. He admonished people to face their demons. The Buddha declared, "You cannot save another; you can save only yourself."

The Buddha was indeed a revolutionary, but his was an inner revolution. If he appeared on the scene today, he'd be spurned as a relic.

This is because virtue and self-discipline are anachronisms, to be ridiculed and discarded with yesterday's trash. Faith is unpopular because it requires that we do the unthinkable: be answerable to forces other than ourselves.

The Buddha taught that humans cannot escape the vicissitudes of a human life. But liberals try to shield themselves, like the Buddha's father did. They concoct an elaborate charade to obscure reality.

The Left finds endless excuses for bad behavior: "He was a poor minority." "She was a victim of homophobia." But in the end, no one is let off the hook. Every one of us, weak or powerful, rich or poor, will be held accountable for our actions.
But what do we have in the huge pop-Buddhist movement in America?

Today's teachers communicate a don't-worry-be-happy kind of a vibe. Curiously missing is the number-one principle of Buddhism: that life is suffering.

In Berkeley, for instance, the latest craze is a Joy class, taught by a popular Buddhist teacher. Thousands have already attended the course, where Joy Buddies are assigned to make sure you're on the happy trail.

The Buddhist magazine Shambhala Sun likes to mix leftist ideology with ads for pricey yoga retreats. Right before the election, the Sun published an article entitled "The Meaning of Barack Obama," which declared that if you didn't vote for Obama, then you were in essence an unenlightened boob.

In the magazine's next issue, liberal icon Alice Walker blamed the U.S. for all the bad karma in the world. Left out of the equation were countries like Uganda, Sudan, Cambodia, China, and Cuba, which have some serious explaining to do in the karma department.
Its no different than smoking pot and brings about just as much divorce from reality. It's about the buzz, stroking one's self and clinging to illusion. Whenever i run into one of the hoards in my neighborhood walking around with their yoga mat clearly displayed on their backpacks for all to see or wearing their cute Buddha t-shirts (when their Che or Mao shirts are in the wash), I know to avoid them. They'll be smiling and feeling a "wicked good enlightenment buzz, dude" while people are being herded into re-education camps someday.

One final quote along those lines:

"If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun." - The Dalai Lama


Funny how so often (but not always, of course) a face reflects a heart.

It got to the point, with Christmas madness etc and the near complete insanity of the Obamunist administration I felt I needed to back off for a while and .... I dunno, look at the trees, read the Bible, breathe....

But then again, where we stand is no less a place than where the founding fathers stood. They didn't take a "mental health month" off. And they fought with guns and were being shot at. I'm just sitting here blogging and getting all bent worrying about some day being shot at and imprisoned by the Totalitarian government Der Messiah and his minions are working on bringing us with Cloward-Piven. I ought to be ashamed.)

So I'm back. Little more difficult since the Marxists I work for have put the kibosh on my blogging there (of course, while turning a blind eye to everyone else's Internet use...but then, they aren't the "evil, racist, hateful tea-bagger" that I am, so in their twisted minds that's ok), but again, how difficult did the great men and women that founded this nation now under attack have it? I'm getting a grip and takin' the pacey outa my mouth! lol.