Sunday, January 24, 2010


It got to the point, with Christmas madness etc and the near complete insanity of the Obamunist administration I felt I needed to back off for a while and .... I dunno, look at the trees, read the Bible, breathe....

But then again, where we stand is no less a place than where the founding fathers stood. They didn't take a "mental health month" off. And they fought with guns and were being shot at. I'm just sitting here blogging and getting all bent worrying about some day being shot at and imprisoned by the Totalitarian government Der Messiah and his minions are working on bringing us with Cloward-Piven. I ought to be ashamed.)

So I'm back. Little more difficult since the Marxists I work for have put the kibosh on my blogging there (of course, while turning a blind eye to everyone else's Internet use...but then, they aren't the "evil, racist, hateful tea-bagger" that I am, so in their twisted minds that's ok), but again, how difficult did the great men and women that founded this nation now under attack have it? I'm getting a grip and takin' the pacey outa my mouth! lol.

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