Sunday, January 24, 2010


Nope. Nothing. It was just some guy and the reason he killed all those people is irrelevant.

Greg Gutfeld
speaks of

...the Fort Hood Report, which the U.S. military’s just released, detailing the shooting that left 13 dead. In the 86 page thingy, here’s what you won’t find: the name of the killer, or his Muslim faith. The dudes who did the review argue that those pieces of information aren't important – their concern is more with “actions and effects, not…with motivations.”

Here in Sanity Village, we call this “super duper crazy talk.”

Cuz, you know, if there’s one thing I learned from Obama the candidate – is how important root causes are. You remember: before calling someone evil, you need to first understand their motivations.

True, root causes are troubling, because it’s applied only when Obama and others feel comfortable with its conclusions. If the killer was a fundamentalist Christian, his right wing rage would be hammered home. Janet Napolitano created an entire report on such matters. That was quaint.

But in Hassan’s case, pointing out motives only hurts feelings. Citing Islamic extremism as a culprit will simply upset more Muslims, so the P.C. thing to do is to leave it out...

Anyhow, Karl Marx already gave us the answer: it was poverty caused by capitalism. Doesn't matter if they themselves don't say that and that most of them come from wealthy families and have been educated in self- loathing, oh-we-are-so-evil western universities. Mere details.

Didn't you learn nuthin' in school? Dumb redneck!

And as for upsetting more Muslims? I gotta newsflash. What upsets Fundamentalist Muslims is that they don't have the total world domination that they so deserve, dammit! Is worrying about dropping a match on their blazing fire-storm of hatred really going to make a difference?

Its like what upsets the loyal followers of the Fascist Fundamentalist Liberal religion. They don't have the total world domination that such highly-evolved people like them so richly deserve!

Better be nice to them, cause we sure don't wanna piss 'em off. They might kill us someday.

Not that that has ever happened before.

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