Monday, June 21, 2010


For some reason ( I would guess providence) I have been running into conversations with self-described liberals where I will make a point, they will agree and then go on to spout conservative philosophy. This has happened 4 times in the last month or two.

The first time, after pointing out that what they were espousing were conservative ideals and seeing them brush it off and continue, I said, "you sound just like Sarah Palin." This, to a big, muscular, liberal, black lesbian that could snap me in two like a dried twig. She instantly ditched reason, flipped over to pure emotion mode and said, "I HATE Sarah Palin!!!" I told her that while that may be true, they both had the same things to say on the subject.

Her confused disorientation was like someone had just slipped her a mickey. The mind reeled. The world was no longer stable. She floundered like a clubbed baby seal. But then she shook it off, snapped out of it and went back to the warm, deluded community of community in Happy Gumdrop Land.

I was amused. So every time this has happened since, I've said the same thing and gotten the same reaction.


But it got me thinking. I'm starting to believe that there are a whole lot of self-professed liberals that will agree with a whole lot of conservative ideas, but will never vote for anyone but a liberal or change their identification.

Why? I think the number one reason is that conservatives aren't "cool" and everyone (at least in the city and who are under 30 or 40) wants to be cool. And hip. I believe another reason is that they have taken the lie that conservatives are mean, intolerant, and grimly eat poor people for breakfast after beating their wives and kicking the dog. Why wouldn't they? Schools, the MSM and Hollywood have been hammering that crap down their throats for decades now.

This is why I get so excited by people like Greg Gutfeld, S.E. Cupp, Steven Crowder and Zo, among others.

There's hipness. There's hilarity. There's modern urban cultural relevance. And most importantly, there is sanity and truth.

In addition, we are living through times where the nation at large is beginning to see the smiley face mask that covers the hatred and craving for control slip from the face of the radical (now mainstream) Marxist left for the first time.

Seems to me that a lot of people that cling to their liberal label and put ass-hats like Ol' Jugears into power will move to the center (formerly called the right) as it slips further and as the face time of the next generation of conservatives continues to increase.

Just look how the "pimp and ho" kicked ACORN's ass. It took a couple of 20 somethings to do it and it was hysterical.

It's darkest before dawn, but I'm beginning to see a thin ray of light.

And I'm laughing.

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