Thursday, June 17, 2010


The horror! A woman verbally abuses a cop and then lays her hands on him and....are you ready for this? She is violently subdued! This after he bent over backwards to cool her out. The crowd around him were understandably supportive. Heh. Just kidding. They all stood around to document the hooooorrible police brutality with cell phones and cameras.

Why was this an example of horrible police brutality? Because the officer was white. The woman and the rest of the crown were black.

As we know, there are two standards for behavior in America now. Punch a cop and you are still a victim, if you're black. Hell, you can KILL someone and you're still a victim.

It's what kids have been taught by both black and white racists in schools and in the media for a couple decades now.

Thank God for the growing voice of dissent from Americans of all races who are beginning to speak out against racism no matter WHERE it comes from and WHO espouses it!

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are NO different from David Duke and the KKK. They are ALL sick, evil freaks that hate this nation and everything it stands for. The fact that SOME of this crowd of deranged nutbags are embraced as "experts" by the media and given an unchallenged platform is a disgrace to every thing that Martin Luther King stood for.

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