Monday, June 21, 2010


Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has established a hotline number, not for people to tip the government to employers breaking the law, but to act as an agent for illegals to make sure they get paid “fairly”... (Ed Morrissey)

Soooo.....K. If I were selling, let's say, crystal meth for a big time dealer and he wasn't treating me how I think I should be treated and taking too much of the profit, well, then maybe I can call the government to help me get my fair share!

Drug dealers of America, rejoice!

After all, they don't care about people breaking the law or nuthin! That would be, like, SO right-wing wacko! And racist. All they care about is that wealth is re-distributed according to the dictates of The State.

Break all the friggin' laws ya want! Who cares!? Do you honestly think that a regime whose political philosophy is based on thievery actually cares about law and order? (I mean, besides threats to their power from stuff like the free press n' such)

Is to laugh!

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