Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Walter E. Williams:

....Correcting the student's speech might be deemed as insensitive to diversity at best and racism at worst, leading possibly to a teacher's reprimand, termination and possibly assault.

A teacher's job is to teach and failure to correct a student's speech, just as failure to correct a math error, is a dereliction of duty. You might say, "Williams, Ebonics or black English is part of the cultural roots of black people and to disparage it is racism." That's utter nonsense...

Language is our tool of communication. If a person has poor oral language skills, he's likely to have poor writing, reading and comprehension skills. To my knowledge, there are no books in any field of study written in Ebonics or black English. It is very likely that a person with poor language skills will suffer significant deficits in other areas of academic competence such as mathematics and the sciences. It doesn't mean that the person is unintelligent; it means that he doesn't have all the tools of intelligence. That is what's so insidious about the state of black education today; so many blacks do not have a chance to develop the tools of intelligence. Many might have high native intelligence but come off sounding like a moron.

Isn't it strange that the Democratic party, the party that fought to keep slavery and fought against civil rights, is STILL full of people that gladly do the work of encouraging black people to be poor, dependent and ignorant? As opposed to using their armed wing, the KKK, they merely switched tactics and now use the tools used by the "benevolent slave master" in 1850. "They are happier being ignorant and they need ME to take care of them because they are powerless to take care of themselves." What's worse, that they have enlisted black "leaders" to help create miserey and oppression in the name of fighting oppression while they enrich themselves.

Yet when this is pointed out what do we hear? RACISM!

In our society today, racism is equality and oppression is freedom.

MLK is rolling over in his grave and the KKK is revelling in the victory of their sick, sick ideas.

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