Friday, August 27, 2010


The left, in a classic case of projection, is constantly accusing the right (which is actually the center) of inciting people to violence. Evidence? Nearly nil. All we have seen is those "violent" tea partiers getting beat up and bitten by union thugs. Their latest without-the-facts, hysterical outburst was about the passenger that knifed the Muslim cab driver. Headlines said things such as "Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie" Unfortunately for them, it turns out the the attacker was a left wing loon. Shocker. I know. But even when nothing happens at all, they just invent it- the professor that hung a noose on her own door to prove racism, Twana Brawley's faked attack , the Duke non-rape case, and more recently tea party infiltrators with racist signs to "prove" the near non-existent racism of tea partiers (yeah, I know, the twisted "logic" makes my head hurt too). They get busted, called out, yet still continue. Don't tell me smokin' blunts has no bad effects!

What else have we heard from the left and their Glorious Leader the last few years? Ginning up racial divisions, the encouragement of eternal victim hood and the labeling of ANYONE that disagrees with ANY of their agenda, regardless as to whether or not it even tangentially touches race, as racist. "They're evil! They're racist! Kill them!" Or as His Majesty said, "get in their faces." Where I live that's called "getting up in my grill" and is an provocation to violence.

How many times have we seen posts on Huffpo, "news"paper articles or the talking heads of the government media publicly wish someone dead? I won't even link them. Swing a dead cat and you'll hit one (aw, ok...for a long list go here)

Well its having an effect. Gangs staging what they called "beat whitey" night at a state fair. Gunshots at a GOP office. A congressman equating the tea party with the KKK. A tea party group getting death threats. And that's just what is being reported today on Drudge! JUST TODAY.

Al Sharpton was on the tube the other night saying he's having a march to "confront" the rally Beck has organized for tomorrow in DC. This rally for honor and America is, according to him, "hijacking" King's legacy. Beck's a big 'ol racist because....well he just is. Forget about his recent 4 part series going through all the evil that white people did to the black man with slavery and the KKK. He's not Marxist, not a racist, so that makes him a racist (there's that headache again...).

Funny....speaking of the KKK, they and Sharpton have the same dream, so very opposite King's, of starting a race war. Of course NOW I read that his march is FOR King, not confrontation. Lil' different than what he said when he was seized by paroxysms of hatred during the interview.

This shouldn't be a surprise anyone. Marxists have never been shy about using divide and conquer, thuggery and mass murder to better help themselves "help" people to have the "better" world that they alone are uniquely qualified to plan and control. God be damned.

Der Messiah's good buddy, Bill Ayers, belonged to a group, the Weather Underground, that said perhaps as many as 25 MILLION Americans that weren't "re-educatable" would have to be killed when they came to power. A group that he stated just after 9-11 "should have done more."

He's a professor of education now, widely lauded and setting the policies that are being used on your children as we speak.

"Oh, but what about the Christians? They killed soooo many people!" Yes. They did. Over more than a thousand years they killed an infinitesimal fraction of the number of people killed by atheist, Marxist regimes in 50 years. Drop in the bucket. (for example, only about 2,000 people were executed for heresy in the 350 year Inquisition, while the atheist regimes of Hitler, Mao and Stalin alone killed more than 100 million people- check "What's So Great About Christianity" by D'Souza for the complete stats) But of course, Marxists can't be criticized. They only try to help. Christians, on the other hand, just want to stop you from having sex.... or something.

People that don't get this stuff make me feel more and more like they are living in the Matrix while I and others have escaped. Its creepy. The more reality clashes with their hell-bringing delusions, the more violent they become. I know. I was one of them for most of my life.

ALSO new today (vid at Gateway Pundit), Ed Schultz on MSNBC (you know, what used to be called a news station?):

Ed Schultz on FOX News: And you have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul! In my heart! I want to kick Fox’s ass! I want to drive them into the ground! I want to spike the ball! I want to kick ‘em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle! And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on ‘em! Because that’s all they’re worth! They lie. They cheat. They steal.

Now lets all join hands, remember the summer of love and sing Kum By Ya in honor of this tireless worker for peace!

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