Friday, August 20, 2010


So Dr. Laura has been vilified for talking about the n-word in context of those who are ALLOWED to use the n-word. She wasn't calling anyone that. She wasn't saying it was an a-ok word. She was talking about its use by those allowed to use it.

I absolutely agree with and support her. Here's the audio:

Foolish Dr. Laura. We have two languages for two groups of people. Unity is death to the left. Keep people divided and they can be more effectively farmed to be used as tools for the marxist left's dream of complete control. Can't find real racism to point at? Then make it up to piss people off and feed the victimhood that has been drilled into them from day one through the schools and media. Wouldn't want any of the people on their liberal plantation gettin' all uppity and thinkin' they might be strong and good enough not to have to be on their knees for the nice white massah's help now, would we? The Democrats haven't changed a BIT since the days their armed wing, the KKK, was used to keep black folk in "their place." They've just gotten more effective.

Sarah Palin gets it (per usual) exactly right, here.

I don't use a word. I use the phrase, "people that call themselves n-word" when describing those who have so little self-respect and so much self-hatred that they call themselves that. Yer perfessors will tell you that they are just "reclaiming" the word and making it positive. Presto chango. Hundreds of years of malignant use MAGICALLY changed! They so POWERFUL!

Funny, too, that most of the same people that call themselves that treat others like they treat themselves and act like slaves. Guess you have to expect that. (yeah, I said "n-word" so I don't get kicked off here). Those Democrats sure are smart.

I thank God that all Americans, black, white or whatever are starting to wake the heck up.
Black conservative coalitions and websites are exploding as more and more people get sick of REAL white racism.

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