Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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The city I unfortunately live in (please....someone get me a trailer and a job in Tennessee or Texas!) is rife with ironic "country" bands and hippies playing "bluegrass." They're saying, "Hey! Lookit me! I'm not some stupid hick, I hate everything they stand for, but I'm playin' their music!"

I went to check out one of the hottest of these bands of phonies and before the show I asked a musician I am acquainted with to please, please don't be ironic. He was completely befuddled. A few minutes later he asked how that could be possible.

It's why Nashville is becoming so reviled. Watch CMT and while, yes, there's some country there, there are hoards of dumb pop bimbos (female AND male), like fer instance, Sheryl Crow, who is,
against “giant cars” (like the 4×4 pickups and Hummers country artists love to drive), and calling Tea Partiers “ignorant” and “angry.” (AWR Hawkins at Big Hollywood)

You know her, she's the "country" singer that schooled us that we hate the earth if we wipe our asses with more than 2 sheets of TP.

Sure hate to be the one doing her laundry, tryin' to get those racing stripes outa her panties. Hey...wait minute! Wouldn't that take more detergent and thus further contribute to the destruction of the planet! Well, maybe she just leaves 'em there as a sign of her dedication...and her love of racing. She so pretty!

Check out her back-stage rider for another laugh.

Ima go listen to some Kevin Fowler now.....

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