Friday, October 30, 2009


I really thought that worship of The One in his position as the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Leftism would have died down by now, I mean, c'mon, all ya gotta do is look at the evidence of your senses. But i guess, as I have found in my own life, there is no end to the depths of self-delusion to which we can subject ourselves.

Disciple Sting speaks truth to power... from Breitbart:

Sting isn't a religious man, but he says President Barack Obama might be a divine answer to the world's problems.

"In many ways, he's sent from God," he joked in an interview, "because the world's a mess."

But Sting is serious in his belief that Obama is the best leader to navigate the world's problems. In an interview on Wednesday, the former Police frontman said that he spent some time with Obama and "found him to be very genuine, very present, clearly super-smart, and exactly what we need in the world."

"I can't think of any be better qualified because of his background, his education, particularly in regard to Islam," he said.

Black is necessarily better than white. Islam is necessarily better than Christianity.

Its the color of one's skin, not the content of one's character that matter (Martin Luther King said the opposite, but he was a RACIST!) and Christians....well.....all they do all day is blow people up and riot so they can dominate the earth with a theocracy. The Islamic world on the other hand, has a spotless track record of being "the religion of peace."

But of course, that's not THE truth, because there IS no such thing. What was I thinkin'? I'm such a dumb, racist, redneck hillbilly! Damn. I better get my ass to a university and get me one o' them there masters degrees in English!


Conscious Observer said...

Oh well...Sting can send an S.O.S to the world... What I wanted to blog to you is this;

“Hey…I’m proud of the greatest nation on earth… I love my country”….

I’m sending this greeting and invitation to my fellow American’s, (and others) who blog and whose blogs that I read “daily” since I got going on this with you all... to give a listen to my post “Viva America-Tribute to our Military”.

It’s for both our troops around the world protecting and creating democracy, and also for those of us who are also trying to preserve “the same” (including our own here at home)… in any way that we can.

America “IS” a beautiful place, friends, folks…

We can love it, we can hate it. But there’s no denying all of the very and historically, “real change” that this great nation has either brought upon, delivered, created, or set an example of… to the world. No denying.

We’re in some rough and uncharted waters folks. Times are (always) changing…and I think that’s good. But all of you and the multitudes of others, are very much aware of what’s right and what’s wrong, and know that “civilization”, freedom, (liberties come with freedom), democracy, dignity, and ethical moral conduct, are the only things that will preserve freedom, challenge oppression, and offer peace to this ever changing world.

At the very least, I hope you might hum the chorus while you keep up the gallant and good fight to what is going on in our beloved city…America (The beautiful)

Conscious Observer said...

Hmmmm... Good blogging again! "G20 Where we going here Mr President?" now posted on Conscious Observer

Hope you'll check it out!

Ian Ransom said...

Hilarious! But if you think that's bad, have a gander at what Nancy Pelosi has been up to:

Cheers, and keep up the good work.


Conscious Observer said...

Where are ya??? Get back on this blog thingy and ride it!

When you do, check out my Sept "Racism, what is it? Why?"

But more currently, please check out “Don’t want to be a Christian or believe in God? Ok. You might want to think about the alternative”. (Read third)

“Patriotism, Values, Our blogs as our voices” (Read second)

“Our Pledge Our love for country Our Constitution Our faith in Him” (Read first)

Hope to see you posting soon!