Friday, October 30, 2009

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The Red House (seems kinda phony to call it by any other color now) reports today that...OMG!
30,000 jobs were "saved or created." Never mind that they can state NO rational method of showing how many were "saved" and jobs "created" are mostly government jobs that produce NOTHING but take YOUR money to prop them up.

In keeping with the post-modern de-contructionist theories that the highly-evolved and intelligent adhere to, what matters is the reality that you say exists, the truth is what you say it is. There is no such thing is truth in and of itself. ABRACADABRA!

Kinda like acid. Tripping is so REAL, man, and old deluded hippies wedded to feeling gooood at all costs, run things now.

Ace of Spades
busts out more slight of hand:

When the WH demanded that those who received Spendulus money "report" back on how many jobs were "saved or created," they insisted upon a nonsensical rule: If a single dollar of Spendulus was spent on an employee's salary, whether that employee was a new employee or an old one, that gets counted as a job "saved or created." If he's a new employee, that job was created. If he's an existing employee, that job was saved.

For $1.

Yes, $1. Because the nonsensical rules the White House told these people to count "saved or created" jobs by simply stated: If any employee's salary is paid, in whole or in part (any part!), count that as a job "saved or created" by the spending.

And then report that number back to us.

Note that the White House's rules do not seek to discover which jobs really were "saved or created." To come to that conclusion, one would need a set of more rigorous rules -- which excluded some jobs from the "saved or created" category, rather than attempting to include them all under that rubric....

Because they didn't want to actually find out which jobs were saved or created. They just wanted as large a number as possible, even if it made no sense, and had nothing at all to do with jobs really affected by the spending.

So, if a factory gets $5000, and divides that, $50 a worker, among 100 workers, you know how many jobs were "saved or created" according to Obama?

100. Even though $5000 obviously doesn't cover a single part-time salary, let alone 100 full-time salaries.

If a factory gets $5000, and divides that, $1 a worker, among 5000 workers, Obama's rules say 5000 jobs were saved or created.

Amaaaazing! Who woulda thought?

Thought. Exactly. Throw a web of byzantine lies at what they perceive to be the stupid lil' public and they'll buy it. Look over here, not here. It's the oldest slight of hand trick in the book. We're being played.

They're doing it with Obama-care. They removed a chunk of the bill to another one and VOILA! It costs less now!

Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my ass.


Conscious Observer said...

God I laughed out loud at the end...with the rabbit and the ass. Butt, I thought he had a Reid up his ass? Ha ha ha! Check out my "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao" post when you have time please.

Read your other new posts as well. You have great insight and like many of us, you're humor is intact. It's about all we're gonna have left, and boy do we need it! Nice blog!

23eagle said...


The only things that keep me going are laughter and more importantly faith and trust in God. I mean, what else IS there?!

Your blog is great- added it to my blogroll. Thanks again-