Wednesday, September 01, 2010


From a list compiled at Right Wing News:

Obama's Speech: Now Is The Time We Must Honor Our Returning Troops By Transforming The Country Into Something They Wouldn't Recognize And Don't Want. -- Ace, Ace of Spades HQ

...In short, it was a pathetic mashup of schizophrenic campaign themes built up as an “Iraq speech” so the networks would carry it in full. The speech could be boiled down to “I love the troops. Cough. Iraq. Cough. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Hey, let’s go spend some more money!!!! Cough. Iraq. Cough. -- Erick Erickson, Redstate

...If you read this closely, what Obama is saying is that not only do we owe it to the troops to rally around his discredited and partisan economic agenda (“It’s our turn”), not only is it a test of our patriotism to sign on with his environmental and industrial planning schemes, but that doing so “must be our central mission as a people.”
I find everything about that offensive. -- Jonah Goldberg, The Corner

Why is it that this guy always sounds like a bloodless muppet when he's discussing things that would move a normal human being? Obama's supposed to be this great speaker, but here he was discussing what may very well be a pivotal moment of history, and he was plain old dull.
Speech Grade: D+. -- John Hawkins, Right Wing News

My reaction wasn't verbal. And it involved a toilet.

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